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Oz Circle 4 - Dec 16- May 17

Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

All sittings recorded unless stated otherwise

At this stage this medium does not sit continually on a weekly basis. She has visuals with almost every sitting and at times finds herself as part of those visions, experiencing the sensations of touch and smell from those surroundings and also has the perception of being in that ‘reality’ and being a part of that moment. Sometimes just observing :-Experiences a lot of visuals of animals :-In one sit, medium was shown something from her past (sitter had the same visual during that sitting) :-Feeling of being in calmness and stillness and peace

Feb 2017 – March 2017 All sittings recorded unless stated otherwiseMedium is still experiencing a lot of ‘reality’ visuals inclusive of touch and smell. Some visuals seem to have a familiarity in surroundings and some as though she has lived those moments before (though from different eras)

23/3/17:--Medium had perception of being “out in the open” and became aware that she was not in the room. Sitter1 viewed a white ball of energy going around in circles. Sitters observe how peaceful and still the room seems to be, “like a blissful calm”. Sitter 2 could see the colour pink in the roomOZ

4/4/ 2017 – May 2017 Medium is still having a lot of ‘reality’ visuals concerning ‘people’ unknown to her as well as being in places of different times. Has first experience with spirit communication and though somewhat aware “but not awake”, was unable to control what was being said

13/4/17:- Medium experiences a sense of total calmness and though, during this sitting, was unable to get mind down deep enough, she was aware of a numbness in her body “like I had no body” “like I blended with the energy”. Sitter 2 was ‘taken down’ somewhat, as soon as sitting commenced and found that she was unable to move the positioning of her head as it tilted to one side, eyes ‘sealed’ shut and mouth open. She, too, had no sensation of her physical form.

20/4/17:- For this sitting the music sound becomes distorted and a slight tapping is heard from within the cabinet as the medium brings through, for the first time, not one but two different communicators. Medium was shocked that she still had a certain amount of awareness but no control over what was coming through. Medium related that a couple of times, when she could feel her mind lifting, she stopped to lower it again. Sitter 1 could felt strong energy tingles come through her body as 2nd communicator came through

27/4/17:- Medium could feel a lot of energy from within the cabinet and though was aware of ‘seeing’ a lot during her sit, was unable to recall any of it. Sitter 2 was aware of etheric rocking and was unable to move physical form. Sitter 1 noted that the room became very light tinged with pink in colour and saw a spark of light at the bottom of the mediums cabinet

30/4/17:- Medium could feel an energy link between her and another present during that sit and a communicator comes through with an answer to a question that a sitter was only thinking about at that time. The sitter acknowledges that she was surprised but she knew that the message was directed at her. Medium states that she felt like she wanted to scream the message out and also noted that she felt like she was balancing on her toes. The sitter who received the message could feel a pull from her solar plexus and head just before the message came through. Sitter 2 could feel a density in the air and saw a cloud of white then gold. Sitter 3 felt an energy- pull at the beginning and then a lot of energy around the head4/5/17:- Medium had an uncontrollable itchiness on her left arm down to the knuckles throughout the sitting which went when she ‘returned’. She also had a “scratching” in her throat. Though the room was in total darkness, sitter 1 was able to see the outline of the cabinet which appeared to expand up and out until it was right in front of her face

18/5/17:- Medium and sitter are aware of a strong energy around each of their heads as medium ‘returns’. Both experience a sense of etheric head movement and both feel as though their heads are surrounded in a cloud of energy. Both feel as though they are sitting in total relaxation. Medium relates that she went down faster and deeper than previous sittings and was aware that her pulse had slowed right down. As medium is ‘kept’ in this energy state at the sits end, she and the sitter are mirroring the same energy sensations as they talk about what each is experiencing. Medium feels ‘someone’ is toying with the top of her head and then lets out a startled squeel as she gets a shock of ‘electricity’ going through her crown down through her body and can feel static atop of her head. She also feels as though ‘they’ are doing something with her lower back “like an energy massage”. During this time the sitter is able to see clearly an orangey-red coloured cloud of energy near the cabinet and as this is related to the medium, the medium experiences a flash of light in front of her, even though her eyes are still unable to open. Sitter is then aware of a blue colour in the room. Medium relates that she then has a sense of taste and smell but is unable to identify it. The sitter experiences strong surges of energy goosebumps from head to toe. These surges become continuous, one after the other, and last for ten minutes after sitting ends totaling 27 all up.

*** 20/4/17 – Mediums first experience with communication from communicators and 2 come through. (“Oh my God” were the first words that came out of the mediums mouth when she ‘returned’). The first one came through for a short stint and the other for quite some time. Both were getting used to speaking through the mediums vocal chords. Another mediums communicator had said to her “you will be aware” and the medium stated that indeed she was aware but had no control.

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