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About Us

Wallacia development center is opening again to the public after a long break due to Covid and its aftermath.


The Center is a purpose build spiritual community space for national and international Tutors and Mediums in all forms of mediumship. Our centre was created to offer Mental, Trance and Physical Mediums demonstrations, and we endeavor to bring knowledge, education, healing and the truth about the reality of the Afterlife to those who have the same yearning to know. We  also include ET communication, Monroe Institute consciousness studies, Healing studies, ITC/EVP and research experiments in all areas of mediumship. Other related subjects to the benefit of humanity like health and wellbeing are also addressed via services by knowledgeable practitioners if needed. Frequently beginners classes are offered to introduce the subject, including twice a week an open circle where everyone is welcome. 

When you attend for courses or classes, and weekend workshops:

Food outlets are nearby and a kitchens is available on the property. A few Twin/Triple Share accommodations are available ere on the property for $30 per person per night to cover outgoings. Wallacia Hotel is 3 minutes away and there is a pickup from the many Hotels/Motels in Penrith (20 mins away). Tutors accommodation is provided without charge. Donations made by Tutors or Participants will be forwarded to: The City of Light (social assistance and schools for disadvantaged children) in Salvador, Brazil.


Wallacia Development Centre was created so interested participants and researchers of spiritual communication and physical mediumship can experience mediums from around the world and their specialized art. So far mediums from Australia, UK, France, NZ, Brazil and Germany have been here demonstrating and conducting workshops here.


The Wallacia Development Center is a special place, a natural vortex of energies. The communicators from other races also bring knowledge and education to raise the understanding of the bigger picture and humanities journey to a higher vibrational state. This phenomenon will build as humanity becomes more aware of other Races.


All forms of mediumship are supported and developed here by the Spirit teams and their mediums. Trance and physical circles meet here regularly during the week for development. This also includes psychic and sensing courses, developing healing abilities, open circles to introduce the public to their own intuition and self-healing abilities and more.


During the last few years we are encouraged by the spirit teams who work with us to work more with technology, education and research. A plan for the future.




151 Park Road,

Wallacia, NSW,

Australia 2745

getting here

We are located a 20 minute drive from Penrith station in Sydney's West. 

If you would like to catch the train, we're happy to arrange a pick up for you.

Otherwise if you are driving, there is parking available at the centre.

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