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Psychic and Sensing for Beginners 

14th of April 

10am - 3pm

These workshops are for beginners.. For you to learn, build on or improve your intuition and understanding of the help that you can receive at any moment of the day when guidance is needed. It aims to show you the power and the support that you already have within you and receive every day. It can help you to reduce stress, anxiety, and procrastination.

Learn the basics to sensing and working with energy. How to use Angel cards, psychic readings, psychometry, working with crystals, reading auras, healing and much more while having fun in a relaxed, no pressure environment with like-minded people.

Maximum 20 people per advertised workshop.


Bookings are  essential. Bring your own lunch or dine at one of the local cafes.

Cost $30.00  -  Tickets  are available  here on:

Contact: or phone 0473883509


Wallacia Development Centre

151 Park Road, Wallacia 2745


Group/individual past life regressions

with Andrew

17th of March 2024 10am - 4pm

This is a group session, Cost $ 60.00 pp. There will be a morning group and an afternoon group.

For individual sittings the cost is $ 150.00

Duration approx. 2-3hours.

If you questions, please email :  or call Inge 0414 862 861

Andrew explains; the process

Past Life Regressions Reincarnation is a fact. We have all been here before and will continue to come back again and again until we have learnt our lessons and paid back any karmic debt that we have accrued over our lifetimes. I was trained by Toni Reilly who was a direct student of Dr Brian Weiss, the founder of Past Life Regression therapy. How does it benefit ? A typical session will see the client ‘land’ in a past life where they are able to describe with vivid details who they are, location, relationships, travel to different stages of that particular life as well as get an understanding of what their actual purpose is in that lifetime. Fast Forward to the last day of that lifetime where the client will experience them dying and more often than not, ascending to the light into the afterlife. You will reconnect with loved ones, guides and a life review is carried out to determine how you went, did you achieve what you set to do or are there more lessons to learn. A client can experience multiple lifetimes in a one one one session and can typically go between 90 mins to 3 hours.

Group Sessions - I will use hypnotherapy to gently guide you to a journey to the past where you will explore and discover your past lives. Whether you come with an intention or question that you may want to be answered, or simply let your higher self-guide you to a relevant life from the past, you will take away information and healing that will benefit you in your life today.


Mental Mediumship Workshop 

with Imelda Penny

24th of march 2024  10am - 4pm

This is a workshop to explore and learn about psychic readings or mediumship readings to connect to loved ones..

Imelda is a platform medium and also has works with one-on-one clients. She has over 40 years experience and is highly regarded in the spiritual community as a teacher and medium. 

if you have any questions email: or

call  Inge

0414 862 861

zeta,Anunnaki, Arcturian race.png

Zeta Connections 

Events will be held
8th to 10th of March 2024




This is an event with Demonstrations,, workshops, talks, and Q&A with the Zeta race communicator via the trance mediumship of Paul Hamden. More in depth information of all the events will be on the booking section of this website. 

8th March 24:   Point of Origin sitting (only 1 space left)

9th March 24:   Introduction to contact with your Race

9th March 24   Q & A sitting with the Zeta race 

10th March 24  Remote Viewing workshop

10th March 24   Q & A sitting with  the Anunnaki race          (maybe also Arcturian race)

For tickets and for information on each session please go to the booking tab on this site 

For any questions please email; or call Inge  0414 862861

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