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Mind Mirror for Altered States

29th & 30th of June 2024

8.30am - 5.30pm &

8.30am - 5.00pm

The Mind Mirror EEG gives you the answers and provides structure or a map to master and navigate your mediumship., healing mediumship and different trance states through monitoring your brainwaves. It will show you where your mind is at  when you connect to spirit, validate your experience and through this process you will be you will be guided further to deepen your connection. Mind Mirror has over 40 years of comparable studies of various psychic phenomena. After the training you will understand the frequency and function of different brainwaves categories that make up different states, you will know your individual brainwaves signature and working style, take-away prompts and references that will help you to master and navigate your mediumship and  trance states and thus, become a better medium!

Booking essential - only 6 participants only so  individual progress needs can be met.


Tickets are on this site under 'booking' tab or at

For questions please message Inge 0414 862 861  

or email:

Venue: 151 Park Road, Wallacia 2745 NSW

Healing development Workshop
(for beginners)

7th of July 2024  -   10am-3pm

During this workshop we will explore energy healing practices. We will have discussions, demonstrations and practicing sessions to guide you to participate in the basics of different healing methods using universal healing energies. 
We will help you to gain an understanding of how each of these healing methods can be applied and how they can be used to ultimately help others as well as yourself.
Discover your natural ability, learn what is required of you as a healing medium, and perhaps ignite an underlying spark within you that will guide you to further pursue one or more healing modalities.

Cost: $40.00

Light refreshments will be available. 
BYO lunch or dine in one of our local cafes. 

Booking essential at

Enquiries: or Cindy 0473 883 509


Psychic Mediumship Development Workshop
(for beginners) Nera Gasperov

14th of July 2024 - 10am - 3pm

This beginners’ level workshop will help you to learn or improve your natural abilities and teach you the different ways in which you can connect with loved ones and spirit guides in the spirit world using psychic mediumship. Much can be obtained through the messages received, and through your mediumship you can offer comfort, closure, healing, clarity and more to those who are needing it at that time.


Nera has developed and demonstrated her mediumship for more than 10 years and has a passion to share her skills and educate others who wish to develop the skills of mediumship.


Cost:- $40    

Where:- 151 Park Road, Wallacia NSW 2745

Light refreshments available.

BYO lunch or visit our local cafes


Bookings at:-



Ph: Nera 0414 655 377



Spirit Photography workshp

27th July 2024  6pm - 8pm

Karen Richards

This rare workshop goes beyond the ordinary. Karen Richards, internationally renowned medium, will share a unique process so you can tap into your inner knowing, feel healing benefits, and witness magic unfold. Spirit Photography ♡ Unveil the Spirit World in Photographs.

Join renowned psychic medium and spirit photographer Karen Richards for a fascinating journey into the real realm of capturing spirit through modern technology. In this unique workshop, you'll discover:

• A history of spirit photography: From its 19th-century beginnings to its modern resurgence, dive deep into the evolution of this captivating practice. • Karen's groundbreaking techniques: Witness her untouched, unedited spirit photographs and marvel at the stunning results.

• Unlocking your own potential: Get hands-on with practical guidance and guided practice using your own camera and the supportive energy of the group.

This interactive workshop promises:

• Amazement and insight: Witness powerful proof of the spirit world captured through the lens.

• Skill development: Learn proven techniques to capture your own spirit photographs.

• A fun and engaging environment: Connect with like-minded individuals on this unique journey. Are you ready to:

• Open your mind to new possibilities?

• Embrace the beauty and wonder of the spirit world?

• Learn how to capture your own captivating spirit photographs?

Limited spots are available. This is an event that you will not want to miss!

For tickets go to Eventbrite link below


Telekinesis Workshop with Karen
2nd of August 2024    6pm - 8pm

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!
Join this workshop to ignite your power within. This creative and unique experience teaches you to enhance what is already there and to harness the power within.
You are an energetic being and the phenomena of telekinesis is yours to experience.
Join Karen and awaken the power of you.

Cost: $ 50.00
Light refreshments available
Tickets via:

Venue: 151 Park Rd, Wallacia 2745
phone Inge 0414862861

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