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OZ Circle 3 April 17 - May 17

OZ 3

April – May 2017

All sittings are recorded unless stated otherwise

Once again, medium has a lot of visuals, some not of this reality or realm. Her mind is, at times, still somewhat aware but not awake and other times still experiences the ‘mind awake, body asleep’.

8/4/17:- Mediums head ‘was placed’ back and she viewed, what she relates as “looking up at a tunnel, then a spark of light came down” and then aware of, what she describes as a ‘different intelligence’ being present. Could feel a lot of pressure across her chest

13/4/17:- Medium recalls sitting in an energy of total calm and stillness and then unable to remember anything until she returns. Then found it hard to get out of that energy and continues to have that sensation of total calm and stillness. Both sitters experience a relaxed sensation of stillness

14/2/17:- Medium experiences a sensation of stillness and felt as though ‘someone’ was pushing on her face, as if it were “distorting” and though “very much alert” her head ‘was moved’ to one side with mouth open but unable to do anything about it. ‘Saw visions of both spirit and ‘other intelligence’. Sitter 1 could not keep eyes open and was unable to move. She, too, had her head tilted to one side and unable to move from that position. Sitter also felt a very strong energy step across from her right side and became aware that she was ‘being given’ an explanation, through her mind, in relation to an experience from previous sitting

27/4/17:- Medium started in a state of stillness and then was ‘taken down’ and though unable to remember anything, she was aware that her head fell forward and described, what appeared to be, a torch light shining up from beneath her chin which then raised her head up. Sitter 2 was aware of strong energy in the room and also aware that her etheric was rocking. Could feel a strong energy from right side of her body, eyes clamped shut and unable to move but felt very relaxed in calmness. Sitter 1 observed that the room became very light and could see pink hues of colour. She also observed a flash of light at the bottom of the mediums cabinet

30/4/17:- Though aware, medium experiences uninitiated movement of her head and fingers. Sitter 1 saw, what she describes as, stars in the room, was aware that the room became lighter, She was also aware of a light that came between her and sitter 2 and when she tried to look at it, it moved with her

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