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OZ Circle 3 - Feb 17- Mar 17

OZ 3

Feb 2017 – March 2017

This medium now sits in 3 circles

All sittings are recorded unless stated otherwise

Medium still has a lot of mind awake, body asleep as well as a lot of visuals of , not only people who are recognised (though not necessarily not known to her), as well as places of past times, but also ‘encounters’ with ‘other intellegences’ which seem to be present in her somewhat state of awareness.

10/2/17:- Medium experiences bouts of heat during this sit. Sitter 2 closed her eyes for a moment but was then unable to open them and was also aware of strong energy around her and could also feel ‘someone’ from behind. Sitters etheric was rocking for around half of the sitting

23/2/17:- As the medium sat, sitter 2 was ‘hit’ with a strong energy 5 minutes into sitting and felt her chair rock (and then again shortly afterward).Sitter could feel a lot of strong, pushing energy around her and observed what appeared to be, a blue ‘bolt of lightning” beside the mediums cabinet

2/3/17:- Medium observed that her sitting this evening was ‘different’ to previous sits. Unaware of the movement, sitter 2’s hands ended up resting on her lap with palms facing up with a tingling in her hands as well as her feet and felt energy ‘leaning’ on her shoulders and neck. Sitter 1 observes colours in room (mainly green)

3/3/17:- Medium experienced mind awake, body asleep with flickers of different coloured lights behind closed eyes. Sitter 1 could see a cerise colour in front of sitter 2. Sitter 2 felt encased by an energy covering her head “like a diving helmet”

6/3/17:- Sitter 1 observed grey/green energy “blobs” which seemed to disappear, then reappear. She also observed a “blob of light” either side of sitter 3. Sitter 3 was “taken out”. Sitter 2 observes photo plasm in the room which appeared to be approaching sitter 3 that then became more vibrant. Sitter 2 also observed the room as being blue in colour. She also observed, what appeared to be, a blue dome-like structure at the feet of sitter 3 which had a shaft of white light beaming up and out in a v shape.

16/3/17:- Medium felt a though her face was being held and viewed flashes of light behind closed eyes. Sitter 2 felt a strong energy from behind her and experienced an unexplained wave of emotion and body tingles. Sitter 1 observed what she refers to as a circle of clear blue sky in the room

17/3/17:- Medium has mind awake, body asleep and unable to move body. Also felt as though she had a bar across her chest.

20/3/17:- Mind awake but body internally shaking and trembling and was aware that her thumb was uncontrollably tapping to the music.

29/3/17:- Feels a lot of pressure across the chest but not uncomfortable, which then eased. Felt as though her tongue was being pulled. Sitter 2, though alert, was unable to keep her eyes open and felt a lot of energy to one side. She also felt as though ‘someone’ was holding her neck

Communication – Education

A spirit child comes through and speaks with the sitters saying that she is lost and “looking for her mummy” (and also says that she is with her younger brother). ‘She’ becomes slightly distraught with her confusion as to where ‘she’ is and to what is happening saying “I have to go now.” (Medium later says that her main communicator came to take them). Medium was aware of this spirit child’s emotional distraught.

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