Education and Communication

Through various Mediums

30/11/16 – Com 3 (excerpts) “we come but from one tier away. Our energy will almost be compatible as we continue with the experiments”. Sitter asks: “so will there be a greater difference in the future? (re the energy being felt)” - “No. As our experimenting continues to merge stronger with the spirit realm, then another, higher second tier will then start merging and so on” “At this stage there is not much difference from what the medium experiences with the spirit team working with her and ours” – Com 4 (excerpts) “…then we will be working more strongly with you, the sitters. The objective is for all of you to be experiencing the same thing at the same time

”Transcribed from audio but no date: (re harmony of the sitters) “No reflection on those who aren’t harmonizing. Just where they are at in their head space at the time, so not to be sitting until intention is right. When you feel that the energy is such, you need to discuss it after the sitting without pointing a finger to those who have created this lull in the energy” “If people are creating this lull, they are aware. They may not admit it but they are aware”

10/12/16 (excerpts): “In regards to communicators who come through” “many don’t seem to understand how important it is that the sitters speak to those who are trying to communicate” “it’s like you are coming into a dark room – you - as a person in this reality, and to focus and to know where to go to anchor yourself within the darkness. It is helpful if there is somebody who guides you. That is the same thing for us”(If we pass over to the spirit realm, do ‘other energies’ pass over and where do they pass over to?) Com:- “They pass over to their energy and vibration they belong to. They are energetic worlds”(Do we ever cross over and go to other realms and progress through other dimensions, for example ET realms, or do animals progress to the human realm?) Com:- “If the energy is the same, the vibration the same, you can go of course. But you must understand that as the time comes when there is no form, you just pass on to a greater consciousness, but you still have your intelligence” (So if we are part of the greater consciousness and all our thoughts are created into energy, how do those from ‘other worlds’ contribute? Does it work the same with them also?) Com:- “Yes, all just energy. Just consciousness”

11/12/16- (excerpts) ”have been working with higher frequencies of late” “at this moment we will be trying to work with you (the sitters) with lower frequencies” “as opposed to a resonance of vibration. The objective to make the sitters more in a relaxed, hospitable environment without using a high frequency system” ” “to dull you senses but not to make you fall asleep” (sitters heard on recording how each feeling like wanting to sleep).

15/12/16- (excerpts) “If you relax your arms and hands for one moment, we shall attempt to allow you to experience what is being felt in this confinement” (the cabinet) “At this stage we are just trying to experiment with the energy transference.” “The idea is to expand your awareness to become more sensitive to other energies around you and to become more receptive to those energies that your physical form is familiar with but will need adjusting to” (as medium has some awareness of sitting, after sit ends the comparisons were made from what the medium was feeling and what the sitters experienced. This experiment proved to be successful)

21/12/16 “You believe that it is coincidence that you talk about things between yourselves and then the experiments are taking place which have mirrored, what mirrors, what you have been talking about” “…whether experiments or changes or transforming or anything, we are then working with your minds and give you a little idea” “When you speak about things before, not necessarily that we follow your lead, more to give you the idea and you follow ours”

31/12/16-(excerpts) “as we move forward with your development and our experiments” “we hope to be able to cross over to other dimensions, giving you an insight to another of your realities” (com continues to explain). All sitters (and the medium) are overcome with emotion as that com leaves, “like been showered in an energy of love”

01/01/17 (re sitters experience of arm raised by a ‘control’ and signing NA Indian, also hand appearing to morph into a bears claw) Com:- “You will find what the Indians represent to you. Also NA Indians are rising at this time”

2/1/17-(excerpts) “…your circle overseer” “I presume you would liken it to the chairman of the board” “to make sure nothing untoward can interfere with your teams and the people in your circle. I, too, have many helpers but in essence it is your teams that solely work for you” “I will tell you that I am not of the spirit realm and I am not of another race” “ I dwell on a different level, shall we say”

5/1/17-(excerpts) Com 1: (comes as ‘a group of 3’) “…to once again merge with your energies to become familiar” “Do know that we are still working with your energies as others do come through” “to work with you as individuals as you sit in this space”

21/1/17-(excerpts) (speaks with sitter re “subconscious thoughts rising up to meet that of the conscious”) “…taking some time to merge as your physical way of thinking and needs to adjust to what your mind has not previously comprehended” “correct in assuming that the merging of these two will affect your energy patterns” “all things, now, are needed to move forward at a much quicker pace” “because of all of the information that is coming out and that is to be told” “So everything is needed to be done at a faster rate so it begins to make sense to the individual. Had your progress been retarded to what it was previously, then you would not be able to link the two together. It would be too confusing for the physical mind to comprehend and accept” “Your visions previously of holograms…” “this is to put a thought form into your consciousness so that you, in turn, will be able to be worked with a hologram feature impressed on your physical features” “This may be some time down the track but as things are progressing rapidly, you just never know” “Though you seem to think that your mind is very alert, it is being fuelled slowly from your subconscious for that link as well” “You will notice how expanded your mind thoughts have become of recent without actually being aware of it happening. It is just there. This is the process.”

21/1/17 Re previous visions of holograms “It’s all very new” “…and we’re working with other teams because there’s already one overseas and we’re working with them” “Now we know you that you were asking whether the hologram is going to be in front of the medium or on the mediums face and it all depends on the energy on the day and who’s there with the medium at that time” “we can’t tell you a time but hopefully the next couple of years” “but as I said before, we’re working with the other teams that’s over in Europe on your side of life…” “but, it’s still not out there with anybody” “the medium that’s giving through with their hologram and you’re seeing your loved ones, it’ll be the truth because you’ll be able to see it with your own eyes”

23/1/17-(excerpts) “We are creating a vibration through the mediums body” Com. explains to the sitters that the energy frequencies (‘buzzing’ and energy sensations) experienced by one of the sitter’s i