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Written from audio recordings via developing Mediums.

30/11/16 – Com 3 (excerpts) “we come but from one tier away. Our energy will almost be compatible as we continue with the experiments”. Sitter asks: “so will there be a greater difference in the future? (re the energy being felt)” - “No. As our experimenting continues to merge stronger with the spirit realm, then another, higher second tier will then start merging and so on” “At this stage there is not much difference from what the medium experiences with the spirit team working with her and ours” – Com 4 (excerpts) “…then we will be working more strongly with you, the sitters. The objective is for all of you to be experiencing the same thing at the same time

”Transcribed from audio but no date: (re harmony of the sitters) “No reflection on those who aren’t harmonizing. Just where they are at in their head space at the time, so not to be sitting until intention is right. When you feel that the energy is such, you need to discuss it after the sitting without pointing a finger to those who have created this lull in the energy” “If people are creating this lull, they are aware. They may not admit it but they are aware”

10/12/16 (excerpts): “In regards to communicators who come through” “many don’t seem to understand how important it is that the sitters speak to those who are trying to communicate” “it’s like you are coming into a dark room – you - as a person in this reality, and to focus and to know where to go to anchor yourself within the darkness. It is helpful if there is somebody who guides you. That is the same thing for us”(If we pass over to the spirit realm, do ‘other energies’ pass over and where do they pass over to?) Com:- “They pass over to their energy and vibration they belong to. They are energetic worlds”(Do we ever cross over and go to other realms and progress through other dimensions, for example ET realms, or do animals progress to the human realm?) Com:- “If the energy is the same, the vibration the same, you can go of course. But you must understand that as the time comes when there is no form, you just pass on to a greater consciousness, but you still have your intelligence” (So if we are part of the greater consciousness and all our thoughts are created into energy, how do those from ‘other worlds’ contribute? Does it work the same with them also?) Com:- “Yes, all just energy. Just consciousness”

11/12/16- (excerpts) ”have been working with higher frequencies of late” “at this moment we will be trying to work with you (the sitters) with lower frequencies” “as opposed to a resonance of vibration. The objective to make the sitters more in a relaxed, hospitable environment without using a high frequency system” ” “to dull you senses but not to make you fall asleep” (sitters heard on recording how each feeling like wanting to sleep).

15/12/16- (excerpts) “If you relax your arms and hands for one moment, we shall attempt to allow you to experience what is being felt in this confinement” (the cabinet) “At this stage we are just trying to experiment with the energy transference.” “The idea is to expand your awareness to become more sensitive to other energies around you and to become more receptive to those energies that your physical form is familiar but will need adjusting to” (as medium has some awareness of sitting, after sit ends the comparisons were made from what the medium was feeling and what the sitters experienced. This experiment proved to be successful)

21/12/16 “You believe that it is coincidence that you talk about things between yourselves and then the experiments are taking place which have mirrored, what mirrors, what you have been talking about” “…whether experiments or changes or transforming or anything, we are then working with your minds and give you a little idea” “When you speak about things before, not necessarily that we follow your lead, more to give you the idea and you follow ours”

31/12/16-(excerpts) “as we move forward with your development and our experiments” “we hope to be able to cross over to other dimensions, giving you an insight to another of your realities” (com continues to explain). All sitters (and the medium) are overcome with emotion as that com leaves, “like been showered in an energy of love”

01/01/17 (re sitters experience of arm raised by a ‘control’ and signing NA Indian, also hand appearing to morph into a bears claw) Com:- “You will find what the Indians represent to you. Also NA Indians are rising at this time”

2/1/17-(excerpts) “…your circle overseer” “I presume you would liken it to the chairman of the board” “to make sure nothing untoward can interfere with your teams and the people in your circle. I, too, have many helpers but in essence it is your teams that solely work for you” “I will tell you that I am not of the spirit realm and I am not of another race” “ I dwell on a different level, shall we say”

5/1/17-(excerpts) Com 1: (comes as ‘a group of 3’) “…to once again merge with your energies to become familiar” “Do know that we are still working with your energies as others do come through” “to work with you as individuals as you sit in this space”

21/1/17-(excerpts) (speaks with sitter re “subconscious thoughts rising up to meet that of the conscious”) “…taking some time to merge as your physical way of thinking and needs to adjust to what your mind has not previously comprehended” “correct in assuming that the merging of these two will affect your energy patterns” “all things, now, are needed to move forward at a much quicker pace” “because of all of the information that is coming out and that is to be told” “So everything is needed to be done at a faster rate so it begins to make sense to the individual. Had your progress been retarded to what it was previously, then you would not be able to link the two together. It would be too confusing for the physical mind to comprehend and accept” “Your visions previously of holograms…” “this is to put a thought form into your consciousness so that you, in turn, will be able to be worked with a hologram feature impressed on your physical features” “This may be some time down the track but as things are progressing rapidly, you just never know” “Though you seem to think that your mind is very alert, it is being fueled slowly from your subconscious for that link as well” “You will notice how expanded your mind thoughts have become of recent without actually being aware of it happening. It is just there. This is the process.”

21/1/17 Re previous visions of holograms “It’s all very new” “…and we’re working with other teams because there’s already one overseas and we’re working with them” “Now we know you that you were asking whether the hologram is going to be in front of the medium or in the mediums face and it all depends on the energy on the day and who’s there with the medium at that time” “we can’t tell you a time but hopefully the next couple of years” “but as I said before, we’re working with the other teams that’s over in Europe on your side of life…” “but, it’s still not out there with anybody” “the medium that’s giving through with their hologram and you’re seeing your loved ones, it’ll be the truth because you’ll be able to see it with your own eyes”

23/1/17-(excerpts) “We are creating a vibration through the mediums body” Com. explains to the sitters that the energy frequencies (‘buzzing’ and energy sensations) experienced by one of the sitter’s in a previous sitting, “was a buildup so that we can start experimenting with a collaboration of the medium and that sitter” “More sittings will be based on energy within these circles” “by using these energies, these frequencies, even others from different dimensions to be included, it will expand what has been stagnant for some time…” Com. explains that he (that sitter) will eventually see these wave frequencies and then, eventually in colour, with each colour representing a different frequency. The sitter (heard on recorder) experiences: “constant buzzing” “just wave after wave” “like being shocked with a battery” which he is still experiencing after medium has returned. The other sitters are also having their own experiences during this experiment

23/1/17 – Question asked about a mediums experience where her body was taken down almost immediately but her team not waiting for the mind to progressively go down. Com:- ‘Was already the beginning of an experiment” “was also aware that there was energy around building up before (sitting in the) cabinet” “Just showing you that they have control”. Another sitter referring to his ‘mind expansion’ episodes and energy experiences with another medium… Com:- “A combination of introducing energy within your form and with the reaction of your body to that energy and then to increase it” “It’s like a source and the source creates the energy, and the feeling, the ‘buzzing’, the flowing takes its own mind. You don’t have to do anything, it will increase.” Sitter: - “So that release of energy will be transferrable.” Com: - “You will work with the medium to then expand that energy that energy within the room.” Sitter: - “So that will create a kind of matrix.” Com: - “From both sides of the circle. That’s how I understand.” Sitter: - “And will that matrix be like an arena for physical?” Com: - “You are moving too fast. Just wait and see. It’s not my place to give that information.” Sitter: - “All I am postulating is an arena of activity where the activity will occur.” Com: - “…You have experienced this with another medium before”. Sitter: - “That confirms it”

10/2/17 – re noise being heard by sitters in the empty cabinet “some of you may actually perceive that energy eventually, sitting, in that cabinet as it is open”

16/2/17 – “we are attempting to push a ‘wall’ of energy toward the sitters so that you may experience a wave energy as one entire ‘piece’ as opposed to your separate sensations, perhaps from the feet or around the head” “ last night’s experiment” “all feeling different sensations” “…4 different experiences” ‘We shall try to build a little more energy in this confinement (the cabinet)” “At this stage the ‘wall’ we wish to project outward seems to be in ‘panels’ (chuckles) “the energy is moved in different ways, in different vibrations. Can be thick one side, thin the other. More motion one end, less the other. So to ‘solidify’ it as one we need to spend a bit more time on it”. Sitter asks how this ‘electric current’ would affect somebody with a pacemaker. Com;- “It will not affect it. The frequencies are not that strong. It will be more felt as a vibration, that is all. It’s not actually electricity, so to speak, otherwise we would be all fried in here (chuckles)” (All sitters, to start with, experience different sensations. As the experiment progresses, it is heard on the recording that each sitter is experiencing the same sensations at the same time:-‘a wave of calmness’ ‘a sense of total relaxation’ ‘a great stillness’ ‘buzzing and tingling through the body’. As the communicator ‘leaves’, each sitter starts to experience different sensations and energy in the room.

23/2/17 – “What we are trying to achieve here is just a ‘soft’ energy to help you relax”. It is explained that this experiment is incorporating colour. Two of the 3 sitters present are able to see this colour of energy in a light shade (pink) and both are feeling that energy as described. “Do not be guided by what others are saying.” “What is actually happening here is we are channeling the energy through the medium” “do not embellish anything. As we say, we do need to know what is actually being received by you and if we can continue in this manner. Just an energy experiment.” All 3 sitters, re the recording, experience numbness, tingling and a sense of calm. A sensation atop of their head, a pressure surrounding them, a lot of ‘light’ in the darkened room “like clouds in the room” Tapping starts up from within the cabinet then stops, the sitters feel a stronger energy around their heads, neck and throat. Medium was aware of how ‘they’ were sending this energy out through her physical form.

2/3/17 – Communicator explains how they are building the energy and incorporating colour and reconfirms what ‘they’ have spoken about before. “…each colour will be represented by a different frequency” “…not everything can be viewed by the eyesight, but the more your perception is raised over time, you will start to see the hues and they will get stronger and eventually our aim is to incorporate all of the colours of the spectrum and eventually, from then on, you will know which frequency will be coming in on which colour.” “all of the experimentation that is happening at the moment will eventually come together” “We do understand that we need to speak in a simple manner. You are not simple, by all means, but because you do not have the expertise or the background with energies, frequencies, scientific background and the likes, we like to put it in a certain easy-to-explain form for you to comprehend” (Sitter:- “so there’s no doubt in our mind,”) “Exactly” “it is not how it is said, it is whether you can comprehend it, of course.” (Sitters are seeing a lot of shades of grey).”‘The neutral colours…” “are the beginnings of the true colours to come forth” “Depending on the shade of grey, depends whether (eg) it is a blue or a green working its way forward.”

13/3/17 – (excerpts) “We sit in council in this circle for your tribes to come through. “You have experienced the ‘different beings’ and those from our tribes are from long past, are returning as well…” “As we continue to work with you, others will be brought forward” “There are two of us that guide and counsel and connect with those others” (though medium says she could ‘see’ one huge tribal man and a few others) “We preside over them but we are not the overseers” ‘we are one ‘step’ down from them”

23/3/17 – A continuation of previous experiments re soft, calming ‘atmosphere’. Sitters all agree that it was the calmest felt in any sitting and everyone’s energy “blended together as one.” “Blissfully calm” in room, even after sit ends

29/3/17 – Explains how each medium in the developing circles will get to experience, to a degree, what the other mediums are experiencing when they sit “as you have started to perceive of late” “as the teams start to cross over.” “…but also your sittings of late you have each been experiencing the same thing during the one sitting.” Explains that, by the mediums’ having ‘a taste’ of what the other mediums experience, it will not only allow them to understand each ones experiences but will also aid them in their own developments.

7/4/17 – (excerpts) “…we come as a group” “We are part of the teams that are moving from circle to circle to unite the circles.” “There are teams that work with the individual circles and then we join in the other circles to work with them. We come as a group to unite the circles in unison. This is our purpose.” We are a team of our own who do not actually work with a singular circle. We are working with the united circles from around the world. They are slowly building and as they reach their certain ‘level’, we shall pick up on their energy to carry with us and unite with the other circles that are already established and so on.” Explains how ‘they’ work on the strengths of the circles, unite and then work on the weaknesses, to then strengthen them.

10/4/17 - Com. speaks on the etheric movements experienced by both the mediums and the sitters of late. Second communicator adds “with the experiments forthcoming eventually your physical form will be used solely to ground you” “be very observant now and here on in during your sittings especially with what is happening to your physical form”

17/4/17 – Referring to home circles experiences of each being in a trance like state during a séance held the previous night “due to the energy levels of the PM, the teams raised the energy levels using the home circles energies. As felt by them, their teams were standing behind each of them and moving the energies through their mediums, using them as conductors. This energy was then sent out to the séance medium. There was a main anchoring point to which all of the home circle were linked to and that anchoring point then linked to the séance medium.” Com. also answers questions on how the séance mediums team worked re phenomenon and also why ‘they’ worked in this manner. Also answers a question about crypto plasm “it is an invisible form “it is an invisible life force”

19/4/17 - …”it is a change coming from within your movement.” “I am looking at some experiments to support those who carry out these experiments” “we are experimenting with the energy for further experiments that have not been attempted in this manner before” “of energies of a higher understanding who are supporting this project” “there are many experiments running at the same time”Question asked on ‘other beings’ merging with the spirit realm “That is correct, using spirit realm as a medium.” Question asked by a sitter about being ‘taken’ down in semi trance state “it is more of an awareness” “instead of taking your mind totally down. For educational purposes it will be very beneficial in the future and you can explain what takes place as you observe.” A question asked about his mediums experience to being in a state where she was unable to come back properly (also experienced by another medium) “it is experimentation of separating the etheric form while there is still an awareness.” A question on how two sitters had two totally different experiences “it is the same as 2 different people feeling the same as the person as different perceptions”

24/4/17 - Re questions asked concerning second séance where some of the independent sitters, as well as that mediums home circle, were taken down to some degree, into a trance like state. At least 2 home circle and one independent sitter were taken down almost completely “was easier to utilize the energy through the physical form while the sitters were in such a deep state so without interference”

“There were different levels of entrancement amongst the sitters” (also adds part experimentation).

A question asked concerning the extra strong energies being experienced by both mediums and sitters “the strong pushes and pulling” “a way of experimenting with the energy and the etheric to allow the etheric to move out with a certain awareness of the mediums mind, and also to work with mind transference. As the energy ‘hits’ the etheric, it draws back, extending the etheric outward and therefore allowing it to loosen, hence the physical experiencing sensations of strong energy waves (ie pulls and pushes). The idea is to have the mind somewhat aware as the etheric and mind-forms are separated from the physical form and see and experience a different area”

10/5/17 – Com. explains what ‘they’ are trying to achieve “at this moment.” And that is to try to get the mind down to a certain depth but keeping some awareness. “What we will eventually try to achieve is to manipulate so that the mind eventually, as your etheric is being worked on, the mind, also, will be able to have an impact outside of the physical form. Now, indeed, this mind needs to be at a certain state, though aware – no interference. It is something that we will need to be working on.” (continues to explain further)… “So there will be more of these sittings where very little communication will come through as we are working on this new form of experimentation.” “…once we are successful at manipulating the etheric from the physical, then eventually we will incorporate the mind as well” “so that the mind is aware of what the etheric is doing, but we will actually have control, not only of that etheric but of the mind and what it will be doing whilst it is ‘out there’.” “Eventually we will incorporate spirit people so they, then, will become part of that etheric form” (Sitter asks “so will the spirit people direct it, like your side, or will the medium direct it?”) “It will be a form of mediumship but it will be from our guidance so that the essence is from the physical, the communication and the spirit come through, but your teams will be guiding this, of sorts. This is just another form of mediumship to be brought out and eventually it will progress from there” “And once people start to view (with open minds) somebody else’s etheric, upon that etheric will be incorporated the spirit person – to a degree at this stage. But their awareness (the person sitting, the person viewing), they will have that awareness when that spirit person is linked to that particular sitter. This, in turn, will eventually incorporate a holographic process, so to speak, which we are eventually aiming toward. But everything, of course, is based on what we can do with the energy, and the vibrations will have an effect as well. This is why we have been dabbling, shall we say, in the different areas”. Continues to explain how the sitters will become aware of this and what they will, in turn, experience. And adds “…and this, too, will incorporate what you would refer to as your crypto plasm, not for just the link with the etheric, but also knowing when there are ‘other beings’ surrounding you and being incorporated in the experimentation.” Continues to give more explanation and detail of what and why ‘they’ are experimenting in this way.

19/4/17 - …”it is a change coming from within your movement.” “I am looking at some experiments to support those who carry out these experiments” “we are experimenting with the energy for further experiments that have not been attempted in this manner before” “of energies of a higher understanding who are supporting this project” “there are many experiments running at the same time”Question asked on ‘other beings’ merging with the spirit realm “That is correct, using spirit realm as a medium.” Question asked by a sitter about being ‘taken’ down in semi trance state “it is more of an awareness” “instead of taking your mind totally down. For educational purposes it will be very beneficial in the future and you can explain what takes place as you observe.” A question asked about his mediums experience to being in a state where she was unable to come back properly (also experienced by another medium) “it is experimentation of separating the etheric form while there is still an awareness.” A question on how two sitters had two totally different experiences “it is the same as 2 different people feeling the same as the person as different perceptions”

12/5/17 – Com. 1 is a ‘different energy’ struggling to merge with and speak through the medium. Second com. explains about the different energies becoming more present in these circles sittings and their purpose (to aid in the experimentation). Also explains about how ‘they’ are working on keeping the mediums mind down as the awareness lifts when that medium is aware that the coms voice is sometimes her own “of course when this happens it brings in a bit of doubt (to the medium) so therefore that awareness is needing to be taken down once more. So this is something that will need to be adjusted and worked on, hence the vocal acrobatics, to try to find that happy medium of voice projection without any awareness for the medium.” Explains “There will be ‘others’, shall we say, that are starting to make their appearances now.,,” “And as you have already been aware, there are energies and entities, shall we say, not of our immediate realm, that have already started their merging through ‘us’ and ‘our’ energy so that the difference being experienced will really not have as much impact…” “So this is why the merge has been happening behind the scenes, so to speak.” In response to a sitters question:-“…The physical form, the makeup, is not really programmed, shall we say, to experience such high vibrations at such an early stage of your development. Obviously further down the track there will be a different story but at this stage, in order for us to progress further, we have done it this way.”

12/5/17 – Com 1 - “we are working at separation the body” (Sitter “and you are part of that experiment?) “That is correct. I am part of many” (Sitter; “Any particular area that you focus on?”) “…this experiment is new to my experiences and I am quite excited to work with this new way of doing things” (Sitter asks about the ‘control’ movement during this sit and if it is to do with the etheric movement as well) “It is to get you used to the movements so when your etheric will move away, you will not be startled”, continues to explain about the experiments and experiences happening, not only with the medium, but also with the sitters during each sitting.Com 2 – A ‘different’ energy struggles at first with communication but gradually becomes more coherent. “There are many of ‘these’ energies building within this space to be part of any new experiments”

19/5/17 – Medium has great difficulty in focusing her energy back into her body. Com: - “We wish to focus the energy but it is very unfocussed.” (Sitter: “unfocussed”) “Com: - “Yes, gentleman yes, yes, yes. We are trying to focus the energy back into the form but we are sorry we might take a minute of your time as it is a little bit ‘scattered’. We are finding the ‘pieces’.” Com. requests that there be no more music. The communicator whispers with the medium to try and help bring her back. The medium becomes somewhat aware and though slurry and dazed she slowly starts to talk herself back with the help of the circle leader while explaining what is happening during this process. Medium: - experienced the chair wobble when she sat down and as she tries to control it, the movement gets faster. She says that she tried in her mind (to stop it) but ‘they’ said “you see, when we have the real flow your mind can’t interfere”. “It was like I was projected to the front and then to the side and then I had a feeling that someone was coming from this end because it became really loud…

”22/5/17 – “Many different energies have entered this space and many different entities are working with some as well”. Sitter asks question relating to ‘other’ communicators. Com:-“It just means that ‘other energies’ override the communicators from the spirit world” (This has been experienced by a medium on a couple of occasions during mid communication). Sitter asks re a certain medium feeling a different energy come through but is aware that it sounds like one of the usual communicators that she has become comfortable with. “Is it that ‘they’ are using this particular communicators voice because it’s familiar and…” Com:- “Well, for your mind to stay where we need it to stay. It’s often when ‘changes’ happen, a little inquisitive mind comes forward as they want to know what’s going on”. Sitter asks about a medium. who at present, experiences what seems to be a very deep state of trance during her sittings but states that she has more of a sense of awareness at present, even though still unable to control what is being said and unable to recollect what has been said. Com:- ‘All part of the development and the different stages we try to achieve…”

29 /5/17- Com: “…there is a lot of pieces but some are already joined. Like your puzzles – one piece at a time” “our job is to link all of your energies together before the next phase of the experiments to do with momentum of energy frequency.”

Sitter: “Is that colour as well – the frequency?”

Com: “It is part of it but further down the track when you may perceive them during your sits.” Continues on to explain more about how the teams are working on the physical sensations and visuals. “It is more to show you what to expect, to give you incentive to sit…” “to make you familiar for what is to come” “when we piece all of these together, it will make sense…” “…for your research” “eventually, when it all starts piecing together, we will start to harness your earth energy and unite with your atmosphere. We will be needing to bring in a mixture of different energies, not just from our side”

Sitter: “Some ET?”

Com: “Yes, but also the physical form and your earth elements. It is not easy, at this time, to generate

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