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OZ Circle 3 - Dec 16- Jan 17

OZ 3

Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

All sittings recorded unless stated otherwise

This medium currently sits in 2 circles

Mediums sittings appear to be full of ‘visuals’ with a sense of being at a different place in a different time as well as clear visions of people, some faces are known to her and some are not. She also has a lot of ‘mind awake, body asleep’ sittings. Has had the perception of being in other realms and meeting with ‘other intellegences’ and has been ‘shown’ things that have later become public knowledge. At this stage the medium has one communicator that comes through, sometimes for a general chat with the sitters and sometimes to confirm about progress being made within other circles. Sitters are aware of different colour ‘clouds’ in the room mainly green during most sittings while one sitter often experiences a lot of energy around the head

11/12/16:- Medium has sensation of something crawling over her face at sits end and became extremely hot as communicator leaves

9/1/17:- A new communicator to the sitters (but not to the medium) makes himself known and explains how his energy will be perceived by the sitters when he comes through. Sitter one experiences different colours within the darkened room while another sitter observes photo plasm in the room


12/1/17:- Medium is aware of different sensations in different parts of her body. Sitter experiences a continuous ‘heat wave’ in body temperature. Sitters arms were moved by spirit control and ‘placed’ on her lap, palms up and the heat then intensified. Sitter observes a dark ‘cloud’ swirling around above the mediums cabinet

28/1/17:- Sitter observes a lot of ‘movement’ in the darkened room and felt a soft pressure on left leg as though in were encased in energy. Sitter was aware of a weight across her shoulders and had the perception of ‘someone’ singing in the room.

Communicators: Speak in general with sitters. Confirmation on what has been happening in the experiments and the teams’ work. Another communicator comes through, introduces himself for the first time with this particular circle and speaks with sitters explaining who he is and his purpose.


21/1/17 Re previous visions of holograms “It’s all very new” “…and we’re working with other teams because there’s already one overseas and we’re working with them” “Now we know you that you were asking whether the hologram is going to be in front of the medium or in the mediums face and it all depends on the energy on the day and who’s there with the medium at that time” “we can’t tell you a time but hopefully the next couple of years” “but as I said before, we’re working with the other teams that’s over in Europe on your side of life…” “but, it’s still not out there with anybody” “the medium that’s giving through with their hologram and you’re seeing your loved ones, it’ll be the truth because you’ll be able to see it with your own eyes”

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