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OZ Circle 2 - Feb-Mar 17

OZ 2

Feb 2017 –March 2017

All sittings recorded unless stated otherwise

Medium is still having etheric rocking with a feeling of heaviness on ‘return’. She also has sensations of “like a bar across the chest”. Has a somewhat awareness though is unable to remember much, if anything, until reminded by the sitters

6/2/17:- Medium ‘returns’ with a sensation that her arms are ‘cemented’ and is unable to move her body for some time. She experiences a pressure across her chest, etheric rocking, a slight ‘buzzing’ sensation through her body and also found that during her sit she experienced a shortness of breath but was unable to take deep breaths. Sitter observe photo plasm in the room

15/2/17:- From the beginning of her sit, the medium could feel ‘electricity’ inside then “like a sharp chest pain”. She relates that it became “really hot then really cold. She states that her body was cocooned (in energy) and as one sitter coughed it felt as though her body was hit with a wall of sound. The sitter states that at the same time, her energy body was propelled forward in the direction of the medium. Medium found it difficult to ‘come back’ and eventually forced herself with really deep breaths which seemed to disperse the energy. Sitter experiences strong energy pushes and is ‘taken down’ but in a state of awareness. Sitter had perception of being inside of the cabinet with the medium “like an over-shadowing”

17/3/17:- Medium experiences “like an energy coming and going” then felt stuck and ‘cemented’ in her chair. Has a very distinct feeling of a ‘bar’ across her chest. Mind awake, body asleep

20/3/17:- A new communicator attempts to come through. Medium feels as though ‘someone’ was sitting on her. Had the perception of being “so comfortable, like the whole circle was comfortable”. Sitter has a surge of ‘electricity’ whilst encouraging new communicator to come forward while her lips, arms, feet and sides of face were ‘buzzing’ and also felt ‘cemented’ to chair. Also felt like she had a neck brace on. Another sitter saw movement toward the mediums cabinet. Both sitters 1 and 3 (without realizing it) found that both of their hands were resting on their laps, palms up (neither of these sitters sit in this way). Sitter 1’s hands had intense heat and buzzing. Both sitters 1 and 3 also found that their eyes had closed and were both unable to open them

27/3/17:- Medium has an awareness but could not move “like in this space, can’t go anywhere” and, once again, experiences a strong pressure across her chest with a lot of energy around her face. Her body “was straightened’ up in her chair,

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