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OZ Circle 2 - Dec-Jan 16/17


Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

All sittings recorded unless stated otherwise

This medium currently sits in 3 circles

The medium has a lot of experiences of ‘body rocking’ as well as sensations of what appears to be the etheric lifting upward and out. Her communicator comes through most times to answer question from the sitters about what they have experienced during sittings as well as speaking for education purposes.

10/12/16:- Medium has sensation of her body moving forward and backward continuously “like a second body” and also observes “so much light” from within the cabinet on ‘return’. Sitter’s arms ‘were raised’ by a ‘control’ and moved around to where her fingertips (which she noted as being hot to the touch) were then positioned, by the control, on her neck. The sitter was aware of an intense heat and a vibration emanating from the fingertips as they scaled up, manipulating the vertebrae. (Sitter had neck problems prior but had no discomfort after sit ends). Mediums communicator explains… “your healing Guide working with you”. Sitter could see a lot of white energy approach and move around her

11/12/16:- Medium relates that the energy “felt like a buildup, like combustion” which “eventually drained away”. Sitter (in darkness) experiences automatic writing which gave an explanation of a previous experiment that the teams were working on during a different mediums sitting.

1/1/17:- Sitter had perception of a lot of NA Indians in the room within the photo plasm and her arm was moved by a spirit control and proceeded to sign in in what seemed to be NA Indian (though no idea of meaning). Then sitters hand appeared to morph into, what she perceived as being, a bears claw. When mediums communicator was asked, it was explained. Sitter observed photo plasm change into a yellow colour and as the photo plasm moved away it changed into a bright luminous yellow colour, became a cloud formation which then parted to reveal an indescribable blue colour within the room.

25/1/17:- Medium relates that her body seemed weightless and seems to lift upwards and out. When she ‘returns’ her body feels extra heavy and she even struggles to raise her arms. Sitter 1 notices a dampness, a thick moisture around and beneath her feet. This was explained by mediums communicator “it is energy”


Transcribed from audio but no date: (re harmony of the sitters) “No reflection on those who aren’t harmonizing. Just where they are at in their head space at the time, so not to be sitting until intention is right. When you feel that the energy is such, you need to discuss it after the sitting without pointing a finger to those who have created this lull in the energy” “If people are creating this lull, they are aware. They may not admit it but they are aware”

10/12/16 (excerpts): “In regards to communicators who come through” “many don’t seem to understand how important it is that the sitters speak to those who are trying to communicate” “it’s like you are coming into a dark room – you - as a person in this reality, and to focus and to know where to go to anchor yourself within the darkness. It is helpful if there is somebody who guides you. That is the same thing for us”

(If we pass over to the spirit realm, do ‘other energies’ pass over and where do they pass over to?) Com:- “They pass over to their energy and vibration they belong to. They are energetic worlds”

(Do we ever cross over and go to other realms and progress through other dimensions, for example ET realms, or do animals progress to the human realm?) Com:- “If the energy is the same, the vibration the same, you can go of course. But you must understand that as the time comes when there is no form, you just pass on to a greater consciousness, but you still have your intelligence” (So if we are part of the greater consciousness and all our thoughts are created into energy, how do those from ‘other worlds’ contribute? Does it work the same with them also?) Com:- “Yes, all just energy. Just consciousness”

21/12/16 “You believe that it is coincidence that you talk about things between yourselves and then the experiments are taking place which have mirrored, what mirrors, what you have been talking about” “…whether experiments or changes or transforming or anything, we are then working with your minds and give you a little idea” “When you speak about things before, not necessarily that we follow your lead, more to give you the idea and you follow ours”

01/01/17 (re sitters experience of arm raised by a ‘control’ and signing NA Indian, also hand appearing to morph into a bears claw) Com:- “You will find what the Indians represent to you. Also NA Indians are rising at this time”

23/1/17 – Question asked about a mediums experience where her body was taken down almost immediately but her team not waiting for the mind to progressively go down. Com:- ‘Was already the beginning of an experiment” “was also aware that there was energy around building up before (sitting in the) cabinet” “Just showing you that they have control”. Another sitter referring to his ‘mind expansion’ episodes and energy experiences with another medium… Com:- “A combination of introducing energy within your form and with the reaction of your body to that energy and then to increase it” “It’s like a source and the source creates the energy, and the feeling, the ‘buzzing’, the flowing takes its own mind. You don’t have to do anything, it will increase.” Sitter: - “So that release of energy will be transferrable.” Com: - “You will work with the medium to then expand that energy that energy within the room.” Sitter: - “So that will create a kind of matrix.” Com: - “From both sides of the circle. That’s how I understand.” Sitter: - “And will that matrix be like an arena for physical?” Com: - “You are moving too fast. Just wait and see. It’s not my place to give that information.” Sitter: - “All I am postulating is an arena of activity where the activity will occur.” Com: - “…You have experienced this with another medium before”. Sitter: - “That confirms it”

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