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OZ Circle 2 - April-May 17

Oz 2

April 2017– May 21, 2017

All sittings recorded unless stated otherwise

Medium still experiences etheric movement during her sits. Usual communicator not as frequent as new com. has been adjusting to the mediums energy. This new com. energy seems to strengthen when there is a male sitter is present.

19/4/17:- Medium ‘was taken’ down steps “gradually stepping about 5 to 6 times” “became more controlled but always stopping” and then she could feel a “crackling” in her throat then had a rush of energy up right leg first , then left leg.

28/4/17:- Medium became really tired “like ‘they’ all run into each other”. Medium was startled back as she experiences an abrupt “consciousness shift” where everything became light and had clarity. Was unable to move her body or speak but was then taken back down again. Felt as though ‘someone’ was pushing on her throat and on her body and could not ‘get out or away from it’. Sitters notice a drop in temperature in the room. Sitter 1 struggled to keep eyes open and was ‘taken down’ during first song and missed a couple of songs on the playlist. Sitter 2 comments that the energy pull is strong and could feel herself being drawn in

30/4/17:- Medium notes, when she ‘returns’, how light it became within the cabinet where she could even see the shape of it. Was aware of scratching from inside on the cabinet fabric. This was also heard quite clearly by sitter 1. Medium felt as though her physical form was getting bigger and as it got bigger, the scratching sound became constant

3/5/17:- Medium has a strong ‘buzzing’ through her body. She could feel her etheric “really upright” but couldn’t do anything about it. Could hear sitters talking but voices came across as sounding distorted. Felt as though her body was “blowing outward” and thought “how much energy could ‘they’ pump into my body”. Had the feeling of “beings” being in front of her, felt very uncomfortable “like high strung”. Heart was palpitating, felt “a bar across my chest”. Sitter 1 saw a flash of light left of cabinet and saw a rod of light in front of cabinet just prior to medium ‘returning’. Sitter 1 also experienced continuous strong waves of walls of some form of energy “like hitting etheric and resonating internally, first from behind for a while, then from the right side and then from the left side and then toward the cabinet and back. Every time sitter verbally acknowledged these strong wave hits “it came back even stronger” and persisted for most of the sitting. It was noted that this was a totally different energy never experienced before. Though her mind was aware and eyes open her body felt as though it was floating, had tightness around the head and was in a trance like state. Sitter 2’s arms “felt like lead”. She felt cold and also felt very energized. Had the perception of being outdoors and was able to not only hear the rustling of the trees, but also felt the breeze on her face. Both sitters had totally different experiences

5/5/17:- Medium had the perception that her “body was not there”. Sitter 2 saw “rods of light” between her and sitter 1 and felt waves of strong energy. Her head ‘was slightly moved’. Sitter 1 experienced a heavy wall of energy hitting from each side of her and her head ‘was slightly moved’ also. She also became aware that her body position had ‘been moved’ to a slumped position and remained that way until just before sitting ended

7/5/17:- Medium could feel a lifting “different to an OBE, more an etheric body lifting”. Sitter 1 felt as though she was being drawn in. Sitter 2 was pushed from behind (with the energy)

8/5/17:- Medium felt very heavy. Sitter 2’s head was pushed to the side, could feel a pressure on her chest and was being taken down. Sitter1 felt heavy energy ‘coming in’ and after she acknowledged that she was aware that sitter 2 was ‘going down’, she, too, was being taken down. Was unable to sing to the music and could feel a wall of energy coming from the cabinet. Also etheric rocking.

10/5/17:- Medium has a different communicator coming through ‘who’ has an ‘unusual vocal sound’. Medium states that the voice being projected sounded like violins. Was aware of a sudden shift from first communicator to second. (It was asked of another communicator through a different medium in a different circle about this 2nd communicator and what was happening and the response was “it is an intelligence not of you world. Not used to the human speech pattern”. The medium has experienced an energy like this before.) It is noted that similar energies like this are also becoming present in other circles as well. Medium says that the different energies “like a pot of soup” “hard to tell the difference” and she couldn’t even distinguish her usual communicator’s energy, who was also present. Was aware of a male energy, then a light energy, but was able to feel the shift.

12/5/17:- On return medium states that her legs “feel like jelly” and is aware of the sensation of a ring of energy around her head (“remembers that when the Zetas were here”). Also has a tightness around the head, energy is all through the body “like being in a power point” and “can’t move or think properly”. First communicator becomes a little ‘lost and disoriented’ as a ‘different intelligence’ comes through and breaks that link. As the medium and a sitter discuss the sitting, the medium feels as though her whole body is spinning while the sitter is getting ‘hit’ with strong energy and as the ’hits’ become stronger, the energy starts to build again with the medium. The strong energy stays with the medium and that sitter for near 10 minutes after sit ends and the medium is still unable to move any part of her body. Has ‘buzzing’ running through, especially the palms and though her head is still in a raised up position, the ‘band’ slowly starts to release. As this is happening with the medium, the sitter is now being affected around the front of her head and is able to hear the energy. Is also experiencing waves of energy around her head, hands are tingling, breathing becomes erratic, head is at a tilted position, is unable to move it and feels like she is in a daydream. The sitter and medium are still conversing, relating their individual sensation but words are slow and slurred at times. Sitter relates that her hands feel as though they are little doll hands that ‘have been moved’ to face each other, then the right arm, wrist and hand are moved by a ‘spirit control’ but still has the perception of having doll hands. Eventually the medium ‘gets released’ and the sitter asks for the energy to step away from her but is ‘hit’ with a strong energy and has a moment of feeling nauseous from that energy before ‘being released’ herself.

19/517:- When seated, medium feels the chair ‘wobbling’ and movement becomes faster as she tries, within her mind, to stop it “like projected from front to the side”. Medium struggles very much to come back. Communicator is relating to the sitters as to what is happening concerning the medium. Medium states “what am I going to do now? I can’t feel my body” and stays in this state for some time. Eventually, with the help of the circle leader, the medium ‘returns’ though somewhat disoriented and shaken. Sitter 2 experiences a “huge mass of energy” and pressure on one side of her head as well as tickling sensations around her mouth and chin, and observes some red and the colour blue in the room. Sitter 1 has a lot of energy surges, is feeling a lot of the energy movement. Also, sitters etheric is rocking side to side and an ache has developed at the back of her head with a feeling of an intense weight across her shoulders. Sitter observed blue photo plasm in front of and around her and though normally is able to ‘hear’ the energy (as a high pitched shrill), this time it was almost deafening. Also etheric rocked but from side to side. Another sitter experienced “like a huge mass of energy here (indicates left ear) and it’s like a loud speaker” and also observed the colour blue in the room

20/5/17:- Medium feels as though she is floating. Has ‘buzzing’ through her body. As soon as she sat down it was almost immediate that she was unable to feel her body and then it rocked a bit. At times, is able to feel a part of her body for a moment, then not. She then feels as though she is lifted “up high” then floating, then moves forward, then settles and then it repeats. Also hears a buzzing sound in her ear. Sitter 1 sees the photo plasm in the room and the colour blue ”everything was blue and between the blue ‘clouds’ was like little pixels of gold. Slowly the clouds came closer to my face and all joined so all of a sudden I had a blue haze in front of me”

24/5/17:- Medium stated that her head felt very heavy and then was aware that it ‘was moved’ upright. Became aware, as a loud knocking sound was heard in the room. Sitter thought she could hear heavy breathing but not the mediums

29/5/17:- Medium goes into rapid breathing. Unusual vocal sounds are heard as a communicator attempts to come through. Returns feeling relaxed but tired and body feels weighted. Sore throat and “could feel it in the thymus “ “like ‘they’ were drawing it out.” Lately this medium has been feeling very exhausted after her sittings. Sitter had surges of goosebumps through entire body whilst encouraging communicator to come forward. Room became cold but body became warm internally

Communication – Education

*NB It has been noted of late that the mediums in, at present, the 5 different circles not only still have that certain amount of awareness with an inability to recall most of their sittings, but are also finding that a lot the energies are being experienced as somewhat similar in vibration

19/4/17 - …”it is a change coming from within your movement.” “I am looking at some experiments to support those who carry out these experiments” “we are experimenting with the energy for further experiments that have not been attempted in this manner before” “of energies of a higher understanding who are supporting this project” “there are many experiments running at the same time”

Question asked on ‘other beings’ merging with the spirit realm “That is correct, using spirit realm as a medium.” Question asked by a sitter about being ‘taken’ down in semi trance state “it is more of an awareness” “instead of taking your mind totally down. For educational purposes it will be very beneficial in the future and you can explain what takes place as you observe.” A question asked about his mediums experience to being in a state where she was unable to come back properly (also experienced by another medium) “it is experimentation of separating the etheric form while there is still an awareness.” A question on how two sitters had two totally different experiences “it is the same as 2 different people feeling the same as the person as different perceptions”

10/5/17 - “we are subjecting the medium to a different vibration on her vocal chords.” Continues to explain and speaks on different things to do with the medium, the sitters etc. Then further on, sitter notices a change happening with the mediums vocals… (Sitter “Am I speaking to the same communicator?”) “No. We are a group of communicators who practice” (most of the communication was incoherent due to low soft vocals, even though sitter requested for ‘them’ to speak up, it was still not loud and clear enough to be heard on recording.

12/5/17 – Com 1 - “we are working at separation the body” (Sitter “and you are part of that experiment?) “That is correct. I am part of many” (Sitter; “Any particular area that you focus on?”) “…this experiment is new to my experiences and I am quite excited to work with this new way of doing things” (Sitter asks about the ‘control’ movement during this sit and if it is to do with the etheric movement as well) “It is to get you used to the movements so when your etheric will move away, you will not be startled”, continues to explain about the experiments and experiences happening, not only with the medium, but also with the sitters during each sitting.

Com 2 – A ‘different’ energy struggles at first with communication but gradually becomes more coherent. “There are many of ‘these’ energies building within this space to be part of any new experiments”

19/5/17 – Medium has great difficulty in focusing her energy back into her body. Com: - “We wish to focus the energy but it is very unfocussed.” (Sitter: “unfocussed”) “Com: - “Yes, gentleman yes, yes, yes. We are trying to focus the energy back into the form but we are sorry we might take a minute of your time as it is a little bit ‘scattered’. We are finding the ‘pieces’.” Com. requests that there be no more music. The communicator whispers with the medium to try and help bring her back. The medium becomes somewhat aware and though slurry and dazed she slowly starts to talk herself back with the help of the circle leader while explaining what is happening during this process. Medium: - experienced the chair wobble when she sat down and as she tries to control it, the movement gets faster. She says that she tried in her mind (to stop it) but ‘they’ said “you see, when we have the real flow your mind can’t interfere”. “It was like I was projected to the front and then to the side and then I had a feeling that someone was coming from this end because it became really loud…”

22/5/17 – “Many different energies have entered this space and many different entities are working with some as well”. Sitter asks question relating to ‘other’ communicators. Com:-“It just means that ‘other energies’ override the communicators from the spirit world” (This has been experienced by a medium on a couple of occasions during mid communication). Sitter asks re a certain medium feeling a different energy come through but is aware that it sounds like one of the usual communicators that she has become comfortable with. “Is it that ‘they’ are using this particular communicators voice because it’s familiar and…” Com:- “Well, for your mind to stay where we need it to stay. It’s often when ‘changes’ happen, a little inquisitive mind comes forward as they want to know what’s going on”. Sitter asks about a medium. who at present, experiences what seems to be a very deep state of trance during her sittings but states that she has more of a sense of awareness at present, even though still unable to control what is being said and unable to recollect what has been said. Com:- ‘All part of the development and the different stages we try to achieve…”

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