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OZ 1 Dec 2016-Jan 2017

OZ 1

All sitting recorded unless stated otherwise

Medium: - tapping of hands (what started off as a continuous rapid rhythmic movement in every sit, lessened gradually through some sits.) “eventually we will not need to be doing this” ” for focusing the energy “and creating it within the cabinet” :-Mind aware, but not awake and when sit has finished there seems to be almost no recollection of what has been said until triggered by the sitters. “It’s like the words are being relayed through the mind at the same time as they are being spoken”. Sometimes has to stop mid-sentence to go down again ‘into that space’ :-In some sits has a feeling of entire body lifting, raising :-Experiences ‘coming back’ then being ‘taken down again’ :-Has “gunky stuff” in throat after some sittings

8/12/16:- Medium is aware of a ‘buzzing’ through her body but states that it is not as strong as previous sits. Sitter 3 observes what she refers to as a lightning bolt. Sitter 1 got really cold around the face which went as soon as tapping from inside cabinet by medium started

11/12/16:- All sitters relate how they each feel as though they want to fall asleep (explanation given by communicator at the time) while medium reports a ‘buzzing’ internal vibration through body during entire sitting.

15/12/16:- Both medium and sitters all experience the same thing during this sitting with sensations of a pins and needles tingling in hands and arms. Medium and sitter 3 had the ‘tingling’ on top of their heads “like someone touching”. Sitter 2 and medium were both ‘straightened up’ in their seats. Medium has an awareness of ‘people’ walking around in room outside of cabinet. Sitter 3 could see a shadowed figure in room, observed photo plasm and saw a flash of light by the cabinet. The volume of the music was also adjusted by ‘someone’ other than the sitters

16/12/16:- Sitter 3 could feel being taken into an altered state and also “felt a huge amount of energy going up through my feet”. Both arms were ‘touched’ and sitter also observed a ball of light “the size of a tennis ball shoot across the room”. Sitter 2 was unable to keep focus

20/12/16:- Medium and sitter 3 both experience a pounding head during ‘communication’ but both agree that it was not uncomfortable. With first com. medium could feel a lot of energy around the face and head and sitter 3 felt same. Sitter 1 felt pressure around face and sinus area.

21/12/16:- Medium ‘returns’ and ‘goes back down’ again. This happens 4 times during this sitting and is aware of the energy building each time. Medium is experiencing surges of energy through body. Experiences ‘buzzing’ in head hands and feet after third return. Sitter 2 experiences energy surges through his body during first half of sitting, feeling “a great pressure“. “Felt like my head was caving in.” During second half of sit “like getting drunk but without the alcohol”. He also has ‘buzzing’ sensations running and surging through his body. Sitter 1 is aware of a wall of energy pushing against entire left side of body.

23/1/17:- Medium experiences ‘buzzing’ vibration through body, eases briefly and then increases again and continues in surges even after sitting has ended. Has an awareness of a continuum of energy coming out through her hands and notes an excessive heat buildup within the cabinet also observed by sitters when the cabinet was opened. Sitter 3 experiences “constant buzz” “like an energy of buzzing” which also comes in surges. Sitter also seems to have experienced same sensations as the medium with the energy easing and then building again. Felt through knees first then building through legs, top of head “like adrenalin.” “There wasn’t any time where there wasn’t any ‘buzzing’.” “Like being shocked with a battery.” ‘Buzzing’ still being felt by sitter 3 after sit ends. Sitter4 experiences ‘buzzing’ through her hands and up through her arms. Her hands ‘were raised’ to above her knees with palms up and had tingling in fingers and palms and states that her temples were throbbing. Sitter 2 feels a lot of energy around her head and solar plexus and Sitter 1 experiences the energy around her third eye.

29/12/16:- Medium could ‘see’ ‘people’ standing around the room “like a wall of them” standing with the sitters. Could feel energy swirling around her head and was aware of the energy change with Com. 3. All sitters state that that they are feeling cold and icy just prior to Communicator 3 who introduces himself as “one of three” and sitter 3 became nauseous then “felt this thing” around her head. Medium and all sitters experience surging waves of goose bumps.

Communication: Education

30/11/16 – Com 3 (excerpts) “we come but from one tier away. Our energy will almost be compatible as we continue with the experiments”. Sitter asks: “so will there be a greater difference in the future? (re the energy being felt)” - “No. As our experimenting continues to merge stronger with the spirit realm, then another, higher second tier will then start merging and so on” “At this stage there is not much difference from what the medium experiences with the spirit team working with her and ours” – Com 4 (excerpts) “…then we will be working more strongly with you, the sitters. The objective is for all of you to be experiencing the same thing at the same time”

11/12/17- (excerpts) ”have been working with higher frequencies of late” “at this moment we will be trying to work with you (the sitters) with lower frequencies” “as opposed to a resonance of vibration. The objective to make the sitters more in a relaxed, hospitable environment without using a high frequency system” ” “to dull you senses but not to make you fall asleep” (sitters heard on recording how each feeling like wanting to sleep).

15/12/17- (excerpts) “If you relax your arms and hands for one moment, we shall attempt to allow you to experience what is being felt in this confinement” (the cabinet) “At this stage we are just trying to experiment with the energy transference.” “The idea is to expand your awareness to become more sensitive to other energies around you and to become more receptive to those energies that your physical form is familiar but will need adjusting to” (as medium has some awareness of sitting, after sit ends the comparisons were made from what the medium was feeling and what the sitters experienced. This experiment proved to be successful)

31/12/17-(excerpts) “as we move forward with your development and our experiments” “we hope to be able to cross over to other dimensions, giving you an insight to another of your realities” (com continues to explain). All sitters (and the medium) are overcome with emotion as that com leaves, “like been showered in an energy of love”

2/1/17-(excerpts) “…your circle overseer” “I presume you would liken it to the chairman of the board” “to make sure nothing untoward can interfere with your teams and the people in your circle. I, too, have many helpers but in essence it is your teams that solely work for you” “I will tell you that I am not of the spirit realm and I am not of another race” “ I dwell on a different level, shall we say”

5/1/17-(excerpts) Com 1: (comes as ‘a group of 3’) “…to once again merge with your energies to become familiar” “Do know that we are still working with your energies as others do come through” “to work with you as individuals as you sit in this space”

21/1/17-(excerpts) (speaks with sitter re “subconscious thoughts rising up to meet that of the conscious”) “…taking some time to merge as your physical way of thinking and needs to adjust to what your mind has not previously comprehended” “correct in assuming that the merging of these two will affect your energy patterns” “all things, now, are needed to move forward at a much quicker pace” “because of all of the information that is coming out and that is to be told” “So everything is needed to be done at a faster rate so it begins to make sense to the individual. Had your progress been retarded to what it was previously, then you would not be able to link the two together. It would be too confusing for the physical mind to comprehend and accept” “Your visions previously of holograms…” “this is to put a thought form into your consciousness so that you, in turn, will be able to be worked with a hologram feature impressed on your physical features” “This may be some time down the track but as things are progressing rapidly, you just never know” “Though you seem to think that your mind is very alert, it is being fueled slowly from your subconscious for that link as well” “You will notice how expanded your mind thoughts have become of recent without actually being aware of it happening. It is just there. This is the process.”

23/1/17-(excerpts) “We are creating a vibration through the mediums body” Com. explains to the sitters that the energy frequencies (‘buzzing’ and energy sensations) experienced by one of the sitter’s in a previous sitting, “was a buildup so that we can start experimenting with a collaboration of the medium and that sitter” “More sittings will be based on energy within these circles” “by using these energies, these frequencies, even others from different dimensions to be included, it will expand what has been stagnant for some time…” Com. explains that he (that sitter) will eventually see these wave frequencies and then, eventually in colour, with each colour representing a different frequency. The sitter (heard on recorder) experiences: “constant buzzing” “just wave after wave” “like being shocked with a battery” which he is still experiencing after medium has returned. The other sitters are also having their own experiences during this experiment

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