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OZ Circle 1- Feb-Mar 17

OZ 1

Feb 2017 – March 2017

All sittings recorded unless stated otherwise

Medium is still experiencing ‘buzzing’ vibrations/sensations during some sittings. Still experiences involuntary hand tapping during most sits, especially when there are communicators present. Is still ‘returning’ during some sittings and then being ‘taken down’, sometimes more than once.

10/2/17:- Medium was able to feel a vibration being created in her body. Sitter 3 felt energy swirling around her head and observed a line of white light flash just before communicator came through. Sitter 1 felt a cold sensation over her arms and a cool breeze coming through every now and then. Sitter 2 had same cold sensations as sitter 1 and could see “coloured clouds” of both green and light purple, also observed 2 shiny green dots in front of her face.

15/2/17:- Medium has a lot of energy running through her body and feeling a lot of energy exiting her body, especially through her feet. Once again the ‘buzzing’ internal vibration feeling continues for some time after sit ends. “Body feels loaded with electricity”. Eyes ‘glued shut’. On ‘return’, medium slurs that her body feels as though it is in limbo. Cabinet ‘feels like a sauna”. Sitter 1 - “I could have just sat here” (in the energy), floating up and down, could feel etheric moving, felt the ‘connection’ with the circle. Sitter 2 has same experience as sitter 1, couldn’t move “like frozen but not cold”, buzzing through body. Sitter 3 “head and chest feels hot” “felt like swallowing fire when you’re breathing”. Sitter 4 has tingling from head to toe for entire sitting “room felt ‘thick’ with energy”.

16/2/17:- To start with, each sitter experiences different sensations. As the sitting progresses the sitters all start to experience the same thing “a wave of calmness”, “a sense of total relaxation”, “a great stillness”, ‘buzzing’ and tingling in the body. After communicator ‘leaves’ each sitter starts to experience different things again. Sitter 1 senses “a smell in the room” but is unable to identify it, legs become cold and hands still tingling. Sitter 2’s legs are tingling and sitter 3, re sensing the energy around her, “beautiful” “could stay here forever”.

23/2/17:- Medium has continuous surges of heat. Was aware of slow intake of breath and with each exhale was aware the energy was being pushed out to the sitters through, what seemed to be, the heart/ lungs area. All sitters experience an energy of calm, relax and “sedative almost”, a tingling and pressure around their heads, face, hands and arms. Sitters 2 and 3 see photo plasm and could see a soft pink colour in the room. The sitters then feel the energy become stronger around the head, neck and throat. Sitters 1 and 3 comment on how the room became darker just prior to Com. 3.

2/3/17:- Mediums body “buzzing with ‘electricity’ ”, could feel it building, especially in the arms and feet, head pounding. All sitters are ‘buzzing’ internally and strong through feet and hands, perceive different shades of grey in room, feel strong energy around head and face and could feel the ‘electricity’ coming out and across to them. They all have the perception that the ceiling looks like the night sky covered in stars. Each of the sitters feels as though they are each cocooned in a calming energy. Sitter 3 could see the colours change in the room and appeared to get lighter.

6/3/17:- Medium was able to see energy movement through closed eyes. Had a vision of ‘three’ which helped her to go down deeper but unable to see their faces as ‘they’ drew closer, slight ‘buzzing’ in arms. Sitter 3 ‘saw’ and described same vision as medium, outside of cabinet, felt like she was being taken down and also energy in room felt ‘thick’. Sitter 1 has tingling in her hands, viewed the colour pink overhead and then “green blobs” of energy.

16/3/17:- Medium was able to ‘see’ a whole lot of ‘people’ standing out in the room behind the sitters. Sitters 1 and 3 were almost taken down. Sitter 1 felt as though ‘someone’ walked between her and sitter 2, and sitter 2 saw ‘someone’ walk past the cabinet. Sitters 1 and 3 could feel the energy across face and then state that the air was thick to breathe. Sitter 2 commented that the air felt dense and could see specks of light.

20/3/17:- Medium feels energy not as strong as some sits but did ‘see’ someone with her. Could ‘see’ the sitters as being in a sedative-like state. Felt very relaxed but felt nauseous at one stage. Sitters 1 and 4 could not keep their eyes open and both felt like they were being ‘taken down’. Sitter 3 was ‘taken down’. Sitters 1 and 3 felt intense heat and both very wet with perspiration. Sitter 2 struggled to keep eyes open.

Communication - Education

10/2/17 – re noise being heard by sitters in the empty cabinet “some of you may actually perceive that energy eventually, sitting, in that cabinet as it is open”

16/2/17 – “we are attempting to push a ‘wall’ of energy toward the sitters so that you may experience a wave energy as one entire ‘piece’ as opposed to your separate sensations, perhaps from the feet or around the head” “ last night’s experiment” “all feeling different sensations” “…4 different experiences” ‘We shall try to build a little more energy in this confinement (the cabinet)” “At this stage the ‘wall’ we wish to project outward seems to be in ‘panels’ (chuckles) “the energy is moved in different ways, in different vibrations. Can be thick one side, thin the other. More motion one end, less the other. So to ‘solidify’ it as one we need to spend a bit more time on it”. Sitter asks how this ‘electric current’ would affect somebody with a pacemaker. Com;- “It will not affect it. The frequencies are not that strong. It will be more felt as a vibration, that is all. It’s not actually electricity, so to speak, otherwise we would be all fried in here (chuckles)” (All sitters, to start with, experience different sensations. As the experiment progresses, it is heard on the recording that each sitter is experiencing the same sensations at the same time:-‘a wave of calmness’ ‘a sense of total relaxation’ ‘a great stillness’ ‘buzzing and tingling through the body’. As the communicator ‘leaves’, each sitter starts to experience different sensations and energy in the room.

23/2/17 – “What we are trying to achieve here is just a ‘soft’ energy to help you relax”. It is explained that this experiment is incorporating colour. Two of the 3 sitters present are able to see this colour of energy in a light shade (pink) and both are feeling that energy as described. “Do not be guided by what others are saying.” “What is actually happening here is we are channeling the energy through the medium” “do not embellish anything. As we say, we do need to know what is actually being received by you and if we can continue in this manner. Just an energy experiment.” All 3 sitters, re the recording, experience numbness, tingling and a sense of calm. A sensation atop of their head, a pressure surrounding them, a lot of ‘light’ in the darkened room “like clouds in the room” Tapping starts up from within the cabinet then stops, the sitters feel a stronger energy around their heads, neck and throat. Medium was aware of how ‘they’ were sending this energy out through her physical form.

2/3/17 – Communicator explains how they are building the energy and incorporating colour and reconfirms what ‘they’ have spoken about before. “…each colour will be represented by a different frequency” “…not everything can be viewed by the eyesight, but the more your perception is raised over time, you will start to see the hues and they will get stronger and eventually our aim is to incorporate all of the colours of the spectrum and eventually, from then on, you will know which frequency will be coming in on which colour.” “all of the experimentation that is happening at the moment will eventually come together” “We do understand that we need to speak in a simple manner. You are not simple, by all means, but because you do not have the expertise or the background with energies, frequencies, scientific background and the likes, we like to put it in a certain easy-to-explain form for you to comprehend” (Sitter:- “so there’s no doubt in our mind,”) “Exactly” “it is not how it is said, it is whether you can comprehend it, of course.” (Sitters are seeing a lot of shades of grey).”‘The neutral colours…” “are the beginnings of the true colours to come forth” “Depending on the shade of grey, depends whether (eg) it is a blue or a green working its way forward.”

13/3/17 – (excerpts) “We sit in council in this circle for your tribes to come through. “You have experienced the ‘different beings’ and those from our tribes are from long past, are returning as well…” “As we continue to work with you, others will be brought forward” “There are two of us that guide and counsel and connect with those others” (though medium says she could ‘see’ one huge tribal man and a few others) “We preside over them but we are not the overseers” ‘we are one ‘step’ down from them”

23/3/17 – A continuation of previous experiments re soft, calming ‘atmosphere’. Sitters all agree that it was the calmest felt in any sitting and everyone’s energy “blended together as one.” “Blissfully calm” in room, even after sit ends

29/3/17 – Explains how each medium in the developing circles will get to experience, to a degree, what the other mediums are experiencing when they sit “as you have started to perceive of late” “as the teams start to cross over.” “…but also your sittings of late you have each been experiencing the same thing during the one sitting.” Explains that, by the mediums’ having ‘a taste’ of what the other mediums experience, it will not only allow them to understand each ones experiences but will also aid them in their own developments.

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