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OZ Circle 1 - 16/12/2016

Note: This session was recorded as an Audio file

Room in darkness. Mediums in cabinet

Medium: 1 Sitters: 3

Medium 1: Communicator comes through to answer questions posed by the sitters. Com confirms that the teams are experimenting with the sitters and also asks for the sitters to vocalise their experiences, as ‘they’ (the spirit teams) “aren’t necessarily fully aware of what has been achieved at this stage”

Sitter 3 remarks that she could feel herself being taken into trance. “Felt a huge amount of energy going up through my feet. Felt very hot”. Had both arms touched. Saw a tennis sized ball of light shoot across the room.

Sitter 2 comments as to not being quite focussed, not only through sitting, but throughout the whole day. (Com. relates energy building up around that sitter)

Medium 2: Mind awake, body asleep. Tried to come back fully but was unable to open eyes or move body “but ‘they’ didn’t let me”. Buzzing, tingling in both legs. Right arm felt swollen.

Medium 3: kept floating in and out

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