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OZ Circle 1 - 23rd Nov 2016


Medium 1 in cabinet

Room in darkness

Once again medium starts off with the rapid rhythmic hand tapping. Medium feels an ‘electric’ current buzzing through her body.

Communicator 1: Explains that the medium has a little bit of a ‘current’ going through at this stage.

Communicator 2: comes through for a general chat while the experiment builds

Communicator 3: Explains that ‘they’ are trying to gain enough momentum (through the mediums hand tapping) to distribute the energy out to the sitters “what we refer to as ‘electricity’ is a high vibration of energy frequency. It is turned into what you call ‘electricity’”. By creating enough energy within the cabinet, the aim is to eventually not have to use any energy from the sitters”. Continues to give the sitters an explanation about how the energy can be accessed in different ways and that how each sitters ‘intention’ can play a big part in how ‘they’ work this energy. Goes on to explain “there is some, what we call ‘electrical’ form, being experienced from the medium but only, at this stage, through the lower part of her body . What you experienced the other night was a full ‘blast’ through the medium, but we appear not to be able to gather enough energy at this moment, which we are currently working on, to be able to share this ‘electrical current’, as we will now refer to, to share it out to you. We are dispersing this as we speak but in a minimum form”. Communicators: 4 and 1 come through for a short chat with the sitters

Communicator: 3 Returns and asks the sitters to vocalise what they each are experiencing and feeling “through the recorder”. “The energy is being emitted from the hands” (of the medium) “as we speak in wavelength frequencies”. Each of the sitters can be heard (via the recording) stating: that they can feel the energy, through and around their body and head. Hands are bubbling, tingling, pins and needles with energy around the throat and tightness around the head. (Unfortunately due to the background music, some of the comments were incoherent). Com. 3 continues to explain as to what is going on:- “we have stopped moving the arms but we are still trying to propel the ‘electrical’ vibration through the hands without the need for force of a physical nature. Your experience may abate but we are still trying this experiment for you to see if you are receptive to this moment.” Sitters continue to express their experiences for the recording. Sitters 2 and 3:- hands are tingling. Sitter 3:-“going through my legs, going to my head”. Sitter 1:- responds “ooh yeh”. Sitter 2:- can “feel it going all the way through my head”. Sitter 3:- “like a surging”. (Sitters 1 and 3 can be heard joking about ‘lighting up like a Christmas tree’ to which Com. 3 responds “will be one of our future experiments, to give you some ‘light’. But it is much easier to work with sensations at this point and our intention is to leave you with that energy experience once the sitting is over”. Sitter 3: notes that her 2 index fingers are throbbing as the sitting ends.

Medium returns.

Mediums experience: observes a “weird rubbery, gooey stretchy thing in her throat (same for last two sits). Said ‘they’ came through to her at the end of sit to say “she’s had enough”. Medium recalls agreeing with them. Unable to open eyes for a short while; Still feeling the energy very strong around her; Relates to the sitters that ‘they’ were telling her to push the energy out (using her raised arms with the palms facing out to the sitters); Could see it (the energy) being sent out in wave frequencies; Her hands were then lowered; Head was pounding (front and back) but not uncomfortable; Noted that the tapping accelerated prior to each communicator coming forward.

Sitter 3 adds “got a beautiful vibration of pins and needle going through her the whole time, like she was vibrating”

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