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OZ Circle 1 - 08th Dec 2016


Medium 1 in cabinet: Room in darkness

Rhythmic hands tapping on the armrests of the chair within the cabinet from the medium. Medium states afterwards that she felt a fluent buzzing sensation through her body but nowhere near as extreme as previous sits.

Communicator 1:- comes through briefly making the sitters aware of what is happening to the medium at that moment and speaks with Sitter 3 briefly.

(Tapping intensifies then stops just prior to Com. 2)

Communicator 2:- explains to the sitters that ‘they’ are attempting to build up the energy once again. Then lets the sitters know that “we have some ‘people’ who would like to pop in and say hello. We’re just trying to build the energy”. Com. 2 converses briefly with sitter 3.

During the sitting, 4 non experimenting communicators come through briefly to speak with the sitters. The medium states at the end of the sitting that she was aware of each of the ‘individuals’ energy coming through but found it difficult to hold the links for long.

(Hand tapping increases for a short time then stops)

Com. 2:- speaks to the sitters; “though we have sufficient energy, unfortunately, we do not have enough to create the energy frequencies” (as had been experienced in previous sittings). Sitter 3 asks “is there anything else we can do to help you?” Com. 2 replies “not at all. A lot of energy is being used to bring in ‘others’ at this time.” Sitter 3 responds “would it be beneficial to you if we got another sitter?” Com 2:- “The choice is up to you but because we have so many wanting to come through, we allow a certain amount of time for this to happen”.

(Tapping starts up again)

Com 1:- Speaks briefly then says “I think we’re done here” and says goodbye. Mediums breathing changes with a fluid-like sound heard from the throat prior to final Communicator coming through.

Communicator 7:- “We’d like to say welcome.” (Sitters respond). Com. 7:- “We are one of three that are present at this moment. We are drawing off what energy we can to stay present. We would have liked to have tried an experiment with you but it is not to be at this time”

Medium returns a short time later.

Medium:- Could feel a lot of energy around but felt it wasn’t as strong throughout the entire sit. Was ‘shown’ by the last Com. what ‘they’ wanted to create in their experiment was but not how it was to be achieved.

Sitter 3: saw “like a lightning bolt” “even appeared to look like that”

Sitter 1: stated that she got really cold around the face only (but not the body) but that it stopped once the tapping started. (Sitter 3 said can’t be used as testimonial as the air con was on)

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