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OZ Circle 1 - 24th Nov 2016

This sitting was not recorded

Medium 1: Sitters 3 Medium in cabinet: Room in darkness

Medium starts off with rapid hand tapping (on armrests of chair). Experiences a continuous ‘electric’ current buzzing through the body for the entire sitting.

2 Communicators come through (during the sitting) relating to the sitters that the ‘current’ was being sent out via the medium to them and explaining what the experiment was about and what they wanted to achieve.

. A Com. requests that the sittings for this Circle be recorded from here on in . Sitters were told that the energy would become stronger as they started to feel it coming through . A Com. asked what each sitter was experiencing (as this was an experiment) . A Com. relates that ‘they’ are working with an energy vibration so that the physical form, itself, (of the sitters) merges and becomes one with the energy in the room

All sitters experience the same thing: - -started off feeling light headed -energy vibration felt in the arms, legs, head, then body -became oneness with the atmosphere

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