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OZ Circle 1 - 2nd Sitting 21st Nov 2016

21/11/16 Recorded

4 Sitters: Medium 1 in cabinet: Room in darkness:

Second sitting: Medium is subjected to the same experiences as per the earlier sitting. ‘Electric’ type currents moving through the body with continuous rapid hand tapping movement (on the arm rests of the chair).

Several experiments were performed throughout the sitting with 3 communicators coming through to once again explain what was happening not only to the medium but also with the energy and also what they were trying to achieve.

Com. 1: explains that ‘they’ will be distributing the ‘current’ through the air. To be relayed through the medium to connect with the sitters “like a fog of energy” “like a cloud at your head”

Com. 2: explains that ‘they’ are expanding the energy from (within) the cabinet so that the sitters “can experience it”. Com. 2 goes on to explain that ‘they’ are using the movement from the medium” (the hand tapping) “to help disperse that energy “ “so it is not contained in this one space”. Com. 2 also adds the ‘they’ are using a lot of the energy that was built up from the earlier sitting by the same medium.

Com. 3: Explains that ‘they’ are trying to send out (once again) “what we’ll call ‘electricity’”. Com. 3 also adds that “we are trying to build a ‘light’ around” Sitter 1. This experiment was unsuccessful at this time but was discussed in more detail at a future sitting (report to follow).

Com. 2: Returns and speaks to each sitter giving them information on their purpose as well as passing on to them as to what is and has been happening re their individual development. During the conversation Sitter 1 is addressed on his recent ‘mind expansion’ experience (report to follow) and was also told that “you, too, will be working with the ‘electricity’”

(At this point Sitter 2 observes (through her silence) that Sitter 4 “seems to be asleep “)

Com. 1 returns and has a conversation with all of the sitters and also explains that the sitters are quite visible “you are like sitting in light”

Sitter 1 asked one of the communicators during the sitting if ‘they’ were building a voice box. Com. responds that ‘they’ are working on the throat without the need to use the mediums vocal chords. This was explained further by another communicator in a sitting 6/2/17

Sitting ends.

All sitters experienced the ‘electrical’ surges during the sitting and confirmed that the energy they were all experiencing, dissipated at the end of the sit.

Mediums experience: hands were raised once again (re earlier sit) from bent elbows with palms facing out toward the sitters and could feel and ‘see’ the same pulsating blister/bubble formations as in the earlier sitting. The ‘electricity’, this time, was more predominant through the arms and feet. Once again, though somewhat aware in the moment of what was going on, had no control over what was happening to her physical form. Explains that with each communicator, it was like having the words spoken to her at the same time they were being spoken through her. Was fully aware of what they were trying to achieve with the experiments and could ‘see’ the cloud of energy around the sitters heads. Once again could ‘see’ the sitters outside of the cabinet but this time in a dim lit illuminated appearance.

Sitter 1: (re the ‘electricity’) hit him straight in the head and went straight down through his body, then another wave on top of that etc though not as long lasting as was previously experienced. (Can be heard vocalising each surge sensation throughout the entire sitting). Felt a lot of pressure in the middle of the chest area. He is still experiencing the ‘electricity’, after the sit ends.

Sitter 2: is heard (on recorder) that she was experiencing it more to one side of her body. The “cloud around your head makes you drowsy”

Sitter 3: could feel the sensation around her head

Sitter 4: could ‘see’ and feel a lot of energy. Felt encased in a cocoon of energy. Was aware and could hear everyone but “body asleep, mind awake”. Was unable to speak during this experience

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