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OZ Circle 1 - 21st Nov 2016

4 sitters: Medium 1 in cabinet: Room in darkness

Medium is subjected to a continuous ‘electric current’ form of vibration frequency through her entire body while her hands are in a continuous rapid rhythmic tapping motion throughout the entire sitting. Medium experienced rapid breathing for the entire sit also. 3 communicators come through each explaining throughout the entire sitting to the sitters as to what the medium is experiencing, what they wish to achieve during the sitting with the sitters, how they are dispersing this ‘electric’ vibration to the sitters and how they are implementing the experiment. Throughout the entire sitting the communicators are in full conversation with the sitters, responding to them and answering any questions posed to them.

Mediums experience:- Continuous momentum of ‘electric’ type current being felt through entire body from the start of the sitting and building as sit progresses. (This sensation also continues 10 minutes after ‘returning’). Medium feels vibration so strong that a communicator expresses how there is a need to “push it out”. ‘Electric’ vibration becomes more and more raised and the medium noted that the ‘current’ was not only surging through her entire body but seemed to be very strong in the hands and also through the soles of her feet. She is able to mentally ‘see’ this current being sent out through the floor to the sitters via the soles of her feet. The medium is fully aware of what was happening but had no awareness of the words being spoken by the communicators and also no control over what was happening to her physical form. Likens experience to standing on an electric current, like a continuous mini shock, though not uncomfortable. (The medium states that she could also mentally ‘see’ all of the sitters quite clearly in a shadowed red light appearance). The energy eased slightly at one stage during the sitting and during that moment the medium related (afterward) that both arms were raised up, bent at the elbows with palms facing outward toward the sitters and the energy build up continued. Says every part of her palms and fingers were covered in what seemed to be pulsating blister/bubble type formations about 2cm in length, 1cm in depth and oval shaped, all linked at the base of each ‘bubble’ and that a hot vibrating current was being sent out in a constant stream to the sitters. The medium related afterward, that she not only could feel the separate pulsating formations but could ‘see’ them in her mind. The medium was ‘shown’ as to what was happening to the other sitters and also what they each were experiencing.

Sitter 1:- Felt surges of ‘electric’ type sensation - like ‘a buzzing’. He was “vibrating from head to toe”. Continuous and strong through entire sit from top of head down to feet. Felt like he “was being picked up in mid air”. (A communicator mentions, during the sitting, that ‘they’ were particularly focussing on sending this ‘current’ to him). (Throughout the entire sitting, Sitter 1 continues to respond vocally as each wave surges through his body). Still ‘buzzing’ 15 minutes after sit ends.

Sitter 2:- Acknowledges ‘buzzing’ through her feet, up her legs and to her knees. “Like electricity under my feet. Like when you think of electricity like needles.” “It was coming up from the floor through the soles of my feet and continues up to my knees.”

Sitter 3: Could feel it around her head. Likened it to “pins and needles right through”

Sitter 4:- Was unable to feel anything of the ‘currents’. She was aware that none were reaching her. She did sense the hands facing her but still felt nothing. (The medium states that during this time she was able to ‘see’ that Sitter 4 was not receiving any form of the ‘currents’ and, though the medium was trying to send ‘it’ to her, the sitter was ‘viewed’ by the medium as being in a shadowed corner, like in a protective ‘bubble’). (During the sitting, one of the communicators explained at the time to Sitter 4 as to what was happening with her and why she was not to receive this energy. This was due to the work that her team were doing on her at the time while the sitting was in progress. The communicator also answered her questions on this matter and explained what her team were actually doing at that time.

After a 2 hour break Medium 1 sat again for the circle. Report to follow.

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