Full transcript of 2 hour seance in continuous lighted conditions 1/4/2017

PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP RESEARCH SÉANCE IN FULL LIGHT FROM BEGINNING TO END ( all 2 hrs 7 minutes) Another outstanding research séance with 13 independent observers was accomplished by an outstanding spirit team through their medium in bright LED red, blue and white light. The light was on continuously from the moment the thoroughly searched medium entered the thoroughly searched cabinet, until the medium returned to full consciousness and the sitters again searched the medium and chair and then left the room.

At the beginning of the séance the sitters created a circle in the centre of the room and formed the ’Om’ sound in unison 3 times, and when ask about the effect it has, the communicator stated it is very useful for the building of the vibrations needed to work with us. Sitters are told they don’t need to sit extremely still, as the energy is still mainly contained in the cabinet and they also not required to hold hands, as all sitters are very clearly seen by all. They will work with music or just conversations of sitters. This is an advanced group of sitters and the team is confident about their right intention.

Before the séance we were asked to use the air conditioner in the room to reduce the room temperature to 17 degrees (best temperature for ectoplasma production with this particular medium as the benefit is they use less fluid and energy from the medium during ectoplasm production). The team’s aim for this sitting is to strengthen the light tolerance of the ectoplasm, further the education of sitters to the process of phenomena, slowly moving the phenomena further away from the cabinet into the fully lightened room and the other 2 empty cabinets. Main aim is to keep their promise to the medium to work towards full materialisation, away from the medium, in full light. And the spirit team is confident to achieve this, but fully aware that these are all experiments.

5 minutes singing and the tent spins very fast around in a circle and drumming is heard, even thou the drum is in the empty cabinet on the side. Their are 2 empty wooden cabinets and one tent (with the medium) cabinet visible in the room, with the wooden cabinets also closed. The tent lifts and 2 raw (black) ectoplasmic small feet taping between the visible medium’s feet. As the sitters in the back can’t see, they are invited to move closer with their chair to the cabinet. Now the little feet were seen loosely ’bandaged’ with white ectoplasm to become more visible to the sitters in the back.

In very bright red light the circle leader opens the cabinet and ectoplasm is being observed by all, extruding from the mouth for 20-30 seconds, moving down towards the ground. Next opening of cabinet shows the ectoplasm is extruded and a dark spot appears on it. Next time when the cabinet opens there are 2 dark spots on the extruded ectoplasm and resemble some sort of pictures. Light is switched from full red to bright white light close to the cabinet, on request of spirit. Again 2 dark spots show on the ectoplasm like some sort of pictures in different stages of development. Communicator (C) Spirit explanation:” The blobs are created by the ectoplasm taking on photons from the room and depending on how the light hits that, creates the colours we want you to see, and because you are all different, you see brighter or darker colours'. Tent opens by itself and small bells are heard above the tent. Switched to full blue light on request. Reduced blue light and put a skin-colour sock on it to reduce glare.

An ectoplasmic luminous hand with very elongated fingers come out of the cabinet at the top and then a black hand appeared as well and the hands intertwine, clearly seen by all sitters. Hands turn 360 degrees around and hands seem to be growing. Due to loud speaking it is now hard to hear on the recording what is observed further in regards to the hands outside the tent.

The trumpet appears at the top of the cabinet connected to a only slightly visible black mass and a male voice speaks quietly. The trumpet drops to the ground. Sitters comment on how bright it is even in the tent, as they can see through the top of the tent and out the other side because the flap is undone and also allows light into the tent. A black hand appears and holds some white illuminated ectoplasm in a longish form and stretches it with its fingertips showing the creation of ectoplasmic rods (later explained by C). This experiment exposes the substance to the light for about 4mins. The tent moves forward by itself and then the tent is lifted and retrieves the trumpet. Sitters cheer and tent bows in both directions. Blue light is reduced to half intensity. Explanation by communicator (C) to sitter’s(S) question about luminosity and rods:” The white wispy bits you would have seen there (sitters agree), once we make that thicker I believe on your side of life they call it ectoplasmic rods. Next to it you would have seen a form, which means manipulation by intelligence , so it is an ectoplasmic mass, which we form into a form, we hope you could all see the difference between the black ectoplasm and the luminous ectoplasm (sitters agree) , you called white ectoplasm. Sitter: 'so what takes on the blue light? is it the white ectoplasm which takes on the blue light or the black or both?' C: Once we start to make ectoplasm luminous or colourful, we start to take light photons from your side of life, so the ectoplasm will absorb the light and so that’s what takes on the blue light. S: so both forms the white coated and the black. C: In essence the black is not absorbing the light because it is in its raw form, but when it absorbs the light it will become luminous to your side of life. S: so when it is black, as you say in its raw form, and when it is white is it coated with photoplasm ? C: any ectoplasm you see which is white has the light photons on it , and yes we often will coat it in photoplasm, before we allow it to take on luminous light. S: so to keep it safe. C: Indeed yes. S: So when it is luminous is that coated as well to protect it? C: Indeed, we often coat it before we make it luminous. So it can take on the light photons without harming the energy. S; so having the tent open and putting it outside the tent is it to get it more used to light . C: indeed a lot of our experiments, especially with the black ectoplasm at the moment is building so that it can sustain more light so that we can work towards more working in white light and natural light. S: The little feet, was that raw ectoplasm and then it looked like bandages around it. C: No, we were starting to absorb the light passive, as it does not become a full form until the intelligence is there. So what you have seen was the intelligence that was in the black ectoplasm. And the white wisperness around it. If we would thicken it , it would become the rods. Otherwise it is a formless substances and when the intelligence take it up on itself it would form a rounder form. In essence if you would look into the ectoplasm it would be black. It is coated with what you class the white ectoplasm. But the energy is still black. S: so that would then be the photoplasm. C: Indeed yes, there is an ectoplasmic tenure???(hard to hear on recording) there, but it is very much coated in the photoplasm. But the intelligence is still in control of the black ectoplasm. S: so it we would see like a materialisation, so it is a layer of coated ectoplasm around raw ectoplasm which is then controlled by the intelligence. C: That is one way we can do it yes , there are other ways we can utilise the ectoplasm, but in essence yes. S: But when the ectoplasm is coming out with this medium or others, it looks like it is coming out white. C: indeed, as it is produced it takes on the light photons, so that you could see it as the white. And indeed we often produce it as the white as it is safer to work with the white ectoplasm. Every time you work with the black ectoplasm and bring it to light , it brings an increased risk to the medium’s body.

Ectoplasm is heard to been withdrawn. Trumpet appears in the top of tent and communicator speaks very quietly and then pulls the trumpet back into the cabinet. Communicator asks what we saw and explains that this experiment showed them that the mass wasn’t stabilised enough, even thou the team thought it was, as we were unable to see what they were trying to show us all. Only 1 sitter could see from her seat the black mass at the end of the trumpet mouth piece., which was the black ectoplasmic voice-box. The communicator explained that they may think it is visible, but you can’t see it. This highlights the need for conversation between the team and sitters and education of the processes for the sitters is very beneficial for learning on both sides of the veil.

Ectoplasm is heard to being withdrawn and the next experiment repeated the process and the sitters were able to see the black, more structured pulsating black mass around the end of the trumpet. A long luminous arm with hand (without visible elbow and wrist joints) came out of the cabinet beside it and pointed to the voice-box so we wouldn’t miss it again. Very funny. Then the trumpet, a pen and finally a paper aeroplane came flying out of the top of the cabinet. The pen and piece of paper were in the cabinet already for messages, if possible, given by loved ones. Sitters noted that the top back flap was open and continuously let extra light into the cabinet.