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Validations of Physical Mediumship - Gary Mannion - 10/1/2017

Séance report 10/1/17 – 16 sitters – medium Gary Mannion – 1hr 42 min. – ( 1hr 35min. in consistent lightened conditions) fully recorded and transcribed.

After séance protocol was followed, the séance started in the dark with 2 songs to relax the medium.

After 5 minutes into the séance a loud rattling of the cabinet could be heard and Jimmy comes through and requests blue light at half intensity, which allows all sitters to be seen within the séance room.

As the sitters continue to sing a harmonica is played in the cabinet. The harmonica had been retrieved byspirit from a box that was situated one metre away from the cabinet (this was later confirmed by the spirit team). The harmonica sound became louder progressively and was in unison with the singing. During question time a sitter asked who was playing the harmonica. Jimmy stated that this was someone unknown to us.

The cabinet was spun around in a very rapid manner clockwise and seen by all sitters. A cool breeze, created by the movement, was felt around the whole room and much appreciated by the sitters.

The sound of shoed footsteps stomping was heard from within the cabinet (our medium wears socks on his feet only).

Circle leader stated that cameras were available outside the circle and Jimmy answered: “we do want to work with your technology and when we get permission we definitely ask. I am aware that a lot of experiments will be done in home circle setting. What have you got with you tonight?” Researcher states what is available. Jimmy: “I am aware we are trying to attempt some experiments we tried in our last sitting (8/1/17) as we were quite happy with the results. We are going to try to keep in lightened conditions as much as possible as well. Which is one of the things were trying in going forward as well.” At this point it must be noted that the light has been on continuously since first requested at the start of the séance.

Trumpet heard ‘tapping’ from inside the cabinet. The cabinet tilts backwards lifting the front off the ground about 12 inches. Jimmy asks to increase the intensity of the blue light, then asks to swap to red light. Sitters in the back of the room commented that they are unable to see. Circle leader and Jimmy discuss the moving of the light to enhance visibility. Some of the sitters in the front of the room observed 2 sets of feet in the cabinet. 2 large feet at the outside and 2 small feet in the middle which moved in a tapping motion in a clockwise direction. Jimmy:” hello, miss circle leader. You may adjust your light (position) and I ask you to swap it over to the blue light.” The sitters comment “maybe white ectoplasm for the small feet or the medium wearing white socks would help”. Cabinet lowered for approx. 10 seconds. Cabinet lifted in the front by about 12 inches again, revealing the 2 sets of feet, but this time the small feet were next to each other and illuminated for all to observe. The sitters in the front could clearly distinguish the small feet while a few sitters in the back saw it as a blob of illuminous ectoplasm. The cabinet was lowered about 2 inches then lifted and seemed to play like ‘peek-a-boo’. Cabinet lowered back to floor.

Jimmy; ”Did you see the difference between the white and the black? The white we did in contrast , so you could see both. Now, otherwise with the white ectoplasm it is easier to see, but with this experiment, as it is still new, it is easier (for us) to work with the black ectoplasm. And indeed, we want to work with your cameras and we want the child dancing around here in the cabinet, we need to work with the black ectoplasm. But did you notice where we use the black ectoplasm how it absorbs the light photons? Please decrease the light a bit there now. Have you got any questions?”

Sitter: “With the white ectoplasm, when the light hits it and absorbs it, is that bad for the medium because it sucks the heat from the light?” Jimmy: “In essence the white ectoplasm is safer ectoplasm. In order to make it luminous we coat it with photoplasm, which allows it to take upon itself the light photons. So in regards tosafety it is a lot gentler to the medium. However, for this experiment to work with this technology (camera) we get a better result working with the black ectoplasm.” Sitter:-”Because it is raw ectoplasm, do you have to be careful when you move the medium?” Jimmy: “Indeed, with this experiment, at this time of the night, the medium’s mind and body gets tired. This is the reason why we try to cram as much of these experiments into the short time and energy we have. I apologize that everything is a bit rushed tonight and we are not giving you periods in between to discuss, but we are trying to do as much as we can and again, by speaking to you now, I am speaking to you a lot faster than I am used to. Again, I am not getting the full control of the medium's mind that I like, so it is much easier for me to impart my thoughts in a much quicker form, if that makes sense to you. Now we go straight into the next experiment. Keep your lights on”.

The ectoplasm drawn from the medium can be heard loudly from the cabinet. A hand emerges from the cabinet making full circular motions outside the cabinet. Some sitters at the back stated it is not very clear and Jimmy invites them to come and sit in front of the cabinet and for the light to be adjusted to increase visibility. Sitters observe now a white blob of ectoplasm coming from the cabinet with ‘knobs’ on it, which then elongate and form into fingers. A second hand emerges also which is black, once again with ‘knobs’ which elongate into fingers. Sitters comment on the brightness in the room and appreciate how easy it is to see the phenomena unfolding. Hands withdraw back into the cabinet and ectoplasm is heard being withdrawn. Another hand appears through the opened gap in the top of the cabinet and this time it is a significantly smaller hand. Then a black hand slides underneath this white hand and it is noted that both hands are left hands. Hands recede back into the cabinet. The sitters return to their seats in the back, which they find easier now than in the past, as the light is now on.

Jimmy: ”In the future we will attempt to leave the light on from the moment the medium is tied up till the end of the séance.” A sitter asked about us moving around in the room today. Jimmy:” it depends on what we are doing because we keep the energy very much contained in the cabinet, so it doesn’t affect us.”

Next, a face imprint is impressed through the cabinet top mesh and a face and shoulders are observed. Then a trumpet is seen and a voice box is formed at the end of the trumpet for all to see through the mesh. A spirit person is heard to speak softly through the voice box and trumpet. All sitters can hear a few words, but most of it is too soft. Trumpet falls to the floor with a bang. Jimmy:” We trying to show you a voice box, and at this time we were just trying to show it more clearly. We trying to get it out of the cabinet as well. We would like to show you the voice box and the voice box working. You need to observe when we trying to move the sound to see the voice box expanding, like an instrument on your side of life when the movement creates the vibration to create the sound. When we create a voice box we have to stretch it in order to create sound that is audible and understandable to your side of life and then we let the intelligence from our side of life to work with it. Sitter asks how a voice box is actually created. Jimmy:” An ectoplasmic substance is produced from the medium’s body and it is created into a substance which then is inspired by the personality or intelligence to create what we want it to do.”

Sitter asks if voice box is formed from photoplasm. Jimmy:” It can be done, yes, however we have much more control with ectoplasm, which is why the photos in your past have always been done with black ectoplasm. We don’t always coat it with photoplasm because it would require a lot more energy to work with it. Indeed, if we start coating with photoplasm, it may affect the vibration and the sound. But eventually we would like to be able to show you. So indeed, what we showed you then was partly coated in photoplasm or else we would not have been able to show it to you at all. If we keep working with light as this, and the medium is letting us sit like this, then we might get to the stage where the light does not affect us so much. This is one of the reasons we keep the light on.”

Sitter: ”Jimmy, in previous sittings there was a very tall luminous being walking around, as it seemed to me, and I was wondering how that effect was done and if ‘that’ was still around?” Jimmy: ”Once we create the mass and allow the personality to affect that mass, using like the luminous balls, we steal the light photons of those objects which would then create the ectoplasm to become self-illuminous. And indeed, that personality is still with us and we are not done just yet. Because of the mediums mindset, it is making us having to keep the energy closer to the cabinet at the moment, which also gives us the opportunity to tryinga lot of different experiments. Now, I know it has not been as interactive as in the past, but we hope you all enjoying yourselves anyway. If not, complain to the circle.”

4 of the sitters who did not attend the previous séance (8/1/17) were invited to stand in front of the cabinet. Jimmy: ”please swap over to the blue light and dim it a little bit. We are attempting to create a hand there and it is more fragile, so we encourage you to come forward one at the time and put your hand out. Let us do the work (meaning let the ectoplasmic hand grab you). You are trying to feel the hand and not taking it home with you. (sitters laugh) Once we have withdrawn the hand you may move back to your seat unless I say otherwise.” Sitters hear loud extrusion of ectoplasm.

First sitter states their hand being grabbed firmly and the next moment they are shaking hands. Hand is white in colour, moist and soft but firm and solid.

Second sitter states that they feel a very big hand caressing and massaging theirs. Warm, slightly moist, comforting. Jimmy: “to our next volunteer, we work slightly different with you. When we take your hand please stay where you are and go along with what we want.“

Third sitter states that she is getting pulled towards the cabinet, the hand is a nice wet warm hand, another much cooler hand also wraps around her hand, she is pulled closer to the cabinet and sitters watch the cabinet hug her tightly. Sitter states she feels another slim hand and arm on her left shoulder which makes it 3 hands in the cabinet, then another hand held her calf muscle at the same time as around the waist, so there were 5 hands holding her at one time (the sitter’s testimonial can be found here on the websites’ testimonial page). Once again her experience was seen and heard by all sitters in the room because of the lightened conditions throughout this.

4th sitter stated: the hand was slimy, wet, massaging her hand and arm, coming out a long way and very white, while she is holding the ectoplasmic hand sitters hear more ectoplasm extruded and some ectoplasm flows out of the cabinet on the sitters hand. Then ectoplasm and hand returns to cabinet.

Jimmy :”please change back to the red light full intensity. We also want to attempt, as one of our last experiments, to try and produce ectoplasm in the red light, in the good light conditions here.” Sitter mentions how very bright the light is and Jimmy replies: ”we work it." Sitter asks if the cabinet can be moved back to front on, cabinet moves of its own accord and then bows to the sitters.

The sitters were invited to sit on the floor, about half a metre in front of the cabinet for the next experiment. Instructions for the circle leader to leave the light on full intensity throughout the experiment. 3 knocks are created through the medium's body and the circle leader opens the cabinet for 20secs for sitters to see and then close the cabinet till the next knocks are heard.

1st viewing - long thick stream of white ectoplasm was observed forming out of the medium's mouth and moving downwards towards the medium’s legs.

2nd viewing – white ectoplasm from the medium’s nose is undulating down his chest.

3rd viewing – white ectoplasm emerged from the mediums solar plexus area moving slowly towards his lap and one sitter commented that it appeared to have a strong odour.

4th viewing – the white ectoplasm is seen pouring out of the mediums left palm, using the fingers in a pumping motion. At the same time ectoplasm was flowing out of the medium’s nose towards his chest.Sitters returned to their seats.

A sitter asks how the ectoplasm continues to flow and move and what actually creates the movement andspurts it through. Jimmy: “just as the blood runs through the body using pressure, we do the same with the ectoplasm. As it builds in essence it will grow and move in the body and it does have an intelligence and so is able to move under its own influence.” Sitter: ”so is that like it is its own energy?” Jimmy:- ”Indeed, so when you have seen the hand, it had its own movement. In essence what you see with the hand there, is like a pump there that creates a pull so that it can extend from the body. When there is enough of it we will allow the intelligence from our side of life to take over and control it.” Sitter:- ”is this a precursor to allow spirit to push its face through it?” Jimmy-: ”that’s when we produce it another way. Yes, indeed we can produce it in different ways, and different mixtures can be used depending what experiments we want to try. And that is something your side of life needs to be educated in a bit.”

While the sitters in the front of the cabinet watched the extrusion of ectoplasm, 2 sitters towards the side of the cabinet mentioned that they were able to clearly see a spirit person sitting in the chair in the adjacent open wood cabinet, waving at them. When Jimmy was asked about this later, he replied that this is something we (the team) are working on.

Jimmy:-”can you change to white light? Please increase the light a bit. We have got permission to try this experiment, so the sitters can come back to the middle of the room, if you wish to." (sitters sat back half a meter in front of the cabinet.) Jimmy:- ”miss circle leader, come to the front of the cabinet and stand on the side. When we are ready, we will create 3 knocks and then you open the cabinet for 30 seconds or so. So friends, for this experiment we only want to utilise the ectoplasm to see an image. Miss technology lady, do you have a camera that can only take pictures?” Researcher: - ”I can try - it is a video camera that maybe I am able to take a still with it.” Jimmy: -”If you like to grab your equipment. In fact, let’s go for a recording. It is the ectoplasm we want you to focus on as we try to create an image within it.” Researcher:-” This is important – do you want this on night vision using infra-red?” Jimmy:” No, we want this to be in normal light if possible or natural light. So, friends, in this experiment don’t look at the ectoplasm as puffing up or growing, it is within the ectoplasm we try to create that image. This is a very new experiment for us still, we don’t even know if this will go necessarily as we want. When we ready we create the 3 knocks and we go for 30 seconds or so and then we get you all to go back to your seats and then light off. I may not get a chance to talk to you afterwards, so if not I speak to you soon.” Sitters hear the loud sound of ectoplasm being produced and then 3 knocks. Ectoplasm coming from medium’s mouth and is seen down to his chest. Filmed. Cabinet closed – sitters return to seats – lights off. Jimmy:” Quick note, you can speak about your experience, but do not release footage. Remember you take the love inside you with you. Go back to your howling (singing) until the medium returns. Séance finished.

The spirit team worked with new phenomena and light throughout the séance and had only the opportunity of 3 sittings to develop the phenomena before the medium returned to the UK. In the 3 sittings, the light duration went from three 10 second light intervals to continuous light, as well as a 30 second bright white light exposure to ectoplasm. In addition, filming was done with permission from the spirit team. They are on a mission to validate all promises made to home-circle in the past and we are truly grateful for this.

It must be noted that the visibility for some sitters was poor due to the positioning of the lights and not the intensity.




I was lucky enough to take part is a private Seance with Gary Mannion as the Medium on Tuesday 10th of Jan 2017. The room was throughly searched by 2 people who weren't part of home circle. The chair was throughly checked! I checked Gary and completely ran my hands over his body (woo hoo) including wrist area. I saw how he was cable tied into the chair. All the sitters held hands and touched feet.

Spitit started by a huge bang hitting the side of the cabinet then there was a massive amount of spinning noise produced from the cabinet. After some time Jimmy came to talk and asked for the blue light to be turned on to half intensity. All the sitters then observed the cabinet spinning around the medium, much faster than would be possible for a human to achieve.

We were singing and a mouth organ / harmonica joined in and played with us. This was previously in the esky in the end cabinet with the lid closed.

The cabinet was lifted up and we observed 4 feet protruding from the bottom of the cabinet. This was difficult to see so Jimmy asked for blue light to be changed to red light. This was much easier to observe the additional feet. As sitters at the back still commented on the difficulty to see, Jimmy then requested the light to be returned to blue and reposition.

The sitters at the back were then able to see the black ectoplasm additional feet- one doing a little jig.

The cabinet was partially unzipped at the top (remembering that the medium is zip tied into the chair on the floor) and A black ectoplasm hand and arm /hand was extruded, then together both black and white left hands! sitters at the back couldn’t see so were invited to come and sit in front of the cabinet. this is all under light conditions. Every one reported to seeing the phenomena.

4 of the sitters were asked to come and stand in front of the cabinet and to put their hand out. One by one their hands were shaken or caressed or held and pattered I observed both the black ectoplasm and ectoplasm coated in photoplasm(light colour) one of the sitters reported that during the encounter that there were up to 5 hands on her on various parts of her body. We could all see this occurring as the light was on.

Over 90%of the Seance was conducted in either blue, red or white light. Out circle leader was very worried when Jimmy asked for white light!

The screen mesh at the very top of the cabinet was unzipped and we were privileged to see a voice box being produced in white ectoplasm also the trumpet was used in conjunction with the voice box to produce some 'voice box' sounds. This was viewed by the sitters.

Jimmy had said at a different seance one time that they can only do new experiments when there are no new sitters as it takes time to adjust the energy and expectations. He also said that they are working towards using proper cameras, no infrared as this is too damaging for the medium and they can't do proper physical work.

I asked the question of Jimmy that we thought that there was a person /energy sitting in the end cabinet as well as in the main cabinet. He said that they are working on new experiments but wouldn't confirm at this stage.

Under light conditions the medium produced ectoplasm from his nose, tummy button, mouth amd both palms. The ectoplasm from his palm floated out like a river with a life to it. His fingers were used as a pump, as they went up and down more flowed. It continued to move when his fingers were very still. I also observed the cable ties in place. 3 knocks were produced and the circle leader unzipped the cabinet for all to see. Many of the sitters were sitting on the floor directly in front of the cabinet for a good clear view. Amazing!!!

Once again I am feeling very luck to be involved with such ground breaking seances and new experiments from the spirit teams and for them to interact with our side of life.

Jimmy came back and said his farewells and the energy was progressively dispersed from that time on. The medium came back, he was cut out of all 4 cable ties which were still intact.

Yet another incredible experience with an amazing physical medium, Gary Mannion by. Michelle Lucy


Imelda Penny on Wallacia fb page regarding 10.1.17 séance with Gary Mannion

I attended that seance and was one of the people lucky enough to be invited up the the cabinet and shake the hand created by Spirit it was gentle and warm and damp I have felt ectoplasmic hands before and know this to be genuine as to the Wallicia report, I verify that everything that is stated to be true.

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