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Mediumistic Painting Demonstration by Jose Medrado in Australia – 12th Sept 2013

Jose Medrado

I was fortunate enough to attend Jose Medrado’s demonstration on the above date at Wallacia, Sydney, Australia. After a very entertaining talk by Medrado (which was very ably translated by his assistant Solange) the attendees could smell the ether beginning to emanate from Medrado’s body, a sign that his team was present and ready to paint!

Soon after, Jose took his position on stage, donned his protective apron and rubber gloves, placed his hands on the table, closed his eyes and went into trance. His body visibly shuddered as each Spirit artist took their turn to use and control his Physical form. The first artist is always (as far as I know) Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Medrado’s main guide. He came through, selected the canvas that he wished to use and began to paint a beautiful still-life painting. A succession of fellow artists followed, to include Robert Vannoh, John Russell, Charles Conder, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Edouard Manet and Toulouse Lautrec. You could see exactly when each of these entities entered and took control of the Medrado’s body (in my opinion, a great example of ‘trance puppetry’). A total of 11 canvasses were painted with the time taken for each creation ranging from 5 to 13 minutes………..absolutely astonishing!

I was mesmerised for the next hour and a half, watching this display of the masters at work, each creating their still-lifes, landscapes and portraitures in the same classical styles that they are renowned for.

Upon reflection, the highlight of the evening for me came when Renoir returned to paint the final piece. I was sitting off towards the left side of the room, with empty seats next to me on both sides and behind me. About half way through I felt someone tap me on my left shoulder. I immediately turned around to see who it was but there was no one there! I didn’t think any more about it and returned my focus to the front of the room. All of a sudden I began to feel very emotional and teary, for no apparent reason. As the painting progressed, I thought to myself that the subject matter of the portrait reminded me very much of my dear wife and soulmate, who crossed over nearly four years earlier, just two days prior to her 46th birthday.

Upon completion of the demonstration I needed a few minutes to compose myself and then I approached Medrado and showed him a picture of my wife that I keep in my wallet. He confirmed that she was indeed the one who was being painted…………… heart just melted.

When chatting to a couple of mediumistic friends that attended, they informed me that they saw a purple orb coming out of Medrado’s chest and go into the painting. Surely enough, when viewing the video a few days later, there it was (refer to the YouTube video and fast forward to 1:23:03).

After a short break, an auction was conducted to sell off the paintings and all monies collected went to Medrado’s orphanage back home in Brazil. Medrado stipulated that the final piece was not to be auctioned, it was to be given to me! The healing that this super-human being conveyed on myself (and my children) that evening is immeasurable. The world is a much better place thanks to Jose Medrado…………we could indeed do with a few more of his ilk.

The photos above are: the photo in my wallet, a photo when she was around 30 y.o. and Renoir’s portrait via Jose Medrado.

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