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Seance Validation - 8/1/2017 - Gary Mannion

Second séance 8/1/17 – 15 sitters – duration approximately 1hr 35 min (approximately 1hr 20min in consistent lit conditions). Not recorded as spirit turned the recorder off after 7 min into the recording. This true, written account/record of this séance was compiled straight after the séance in agreement with all participating sitters.

After following the séance protocol the Séance started at 8.15pm and 2 songs were played before a tambourine, which was taken by spirit from a storage box in another area of the room, started playing in the cabinet and shoed footsteps were heard in the room. All the sitters and the medium wear socks only. Jimmy came through and asked for the blue light to be turned on and to remain on all the time until otherwise stated. All sitters were seen visible within the séance room.

The cabinet was tilted back and 4 feet were seen in the front under the cabinet. 2 adult feet on either side and a pair of very small feet in the middle. Some people in the back of the room were unable to see and the sitters and Jimmy discussed where to place the light so everyone could see and we moved it. Now everyone could see the small feet moving around the cabinet. Cabinet lowered back to the ground.

The cabinet was turned to expose the mesh at the top of the cabinet and a small face was seen behind the mesh in the tent. It was seen clearly by sitters in the front, but the sitters in the back could not define the features of the face, but only saw it as an ectoplasmic blob.

Two ectoplasmic hands, one black and one white emerged from our top right hand side of the cabinet. When the black hand retrieved, the white hand stretched out to the forearm and rotated 360 degrees and then retreated into cabinet. All sitters were able observe this in the light. Another hand came out of the cabinet which was black on the underside and white on the top.

4 sitters were called up to the cabinet and instructed to stretch their hand out, one at a time, and allow the ectoplasmic hand grab their hand from the unzipped part of the right hand top corner of the cabinet and shake it. Sitter 1 described the hand to be soft, moist and warm. Sitter 2 described the hand to be strong, sticky moist and warmish. Sitter 3 described the hand as strong, moist /wet and cool. Sitter 4 had a different experience, as she felt 4 hands holding her and the cabinet embracing her. Her account is on the testimonial page on this website.

The next phenomena experiment was to expose ectoplasm to light. It commenced with the sitters from the back sitting in front of the cabinet. Circle leader was instructed to wait for 3 knocks through the mediums body and then open the cabinet for 20 seconds so sitters could observe clearly. 1st viewing: ectoplasmic wide stream undulating from the medium’s mouth down on to his lap. 2nd viewing: ectoplasm was bubbling from the medium’s left palm. 3rd viewing: the ectoplasm was extruding from the solar plexus and moved towards the top of his legs. 4th viewing: at the base of his throat flowing about 4cm. The sitters were amazed, as they had not seen it coming from that area before.

Jimmy advised us of other teams who support their work and help to repeat phenomena used within other circles and that our spirit team repeats phenomena that they have perfected in other circles. As spirit teams support each other, Jimmy states, we hope human circles around the world will also eventually share their experiences and work together. Séance came to an end and we turned the light off till the medium returned.

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