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Gary Mannion - Validations 3/1/2017

After the protocol was completed the sitting started as usual within darkness, and relaxation songs for the medium to settle in the cabinet. After 8 mins into the seance the spirit team communicator Jimmy commented on their difficulties to take full control of the medium's mind, as he was not allowing them to do so. Later in the sitting Jimmy explained why “it is a little bit like you are in a car accident. When you get in a car you trust the driver, but from past experiences you just don't relax enough."

The sitters acknowledged they understood this analogy.

Jimmy told the sitters that the team would assess how sensitive the medium was, and then decide if the séance would continue.

After another 2 mins’ sitters heard ectoplasm being withdrawn from the medium in the cabinet. Then the team asked for red light at half intensity as they wanted to show ectoplasm being produced in red light for all to see.

The team stated that they wanted to check the medium’s sensitivity first, so that they would not harm him and asked for the light off again.

Instructions were given to circle leader that 3 knocks will be created through the mediums body and the circle leader to turn red light on and open the cabinet for 10 – 15 sec., then cabinet closed and lights off. The ectoplasm was extruded and then the instructions were followed.

First attempt: The ectoplasm was flowing out of the mediums mouth unaided and down onto his lap continuing towards his feet. It looked thick and undulating. All sitters observed this phenomenon.

Second attempt: the ectoplasm is flowing out of the medium’s nose down the chest.

Seen by all sitters.

Jimmy stated that these experiments have taken a toll on the mediums body and asks our permission to postpone to another night, where they could get the mediums mind out of the way a little more.

Jimmy stated that they tried to subject the medium’s skin to the cable ties to see how sensitive it was, and confirmed that it was in fact quite sensitive and “we don’t want a crispy medium by the end of the night”.

The spirit team requested that home circle sit with the medium before the next séance, so that they could spend that time to relax the medium’s body, so they can be more prepared next time.

Séance terminated at 25.05 mins.

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