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Wallacia Seance Sitting Protocol

Wallacia seance sitting protocol will always be followed:

  • 1. Information talk about do’s and don'ts by Medium or Circle leader.

  • 2. All metal (e.g jewellery, hair clips, belts with buckles etc) to be removed. If not possible, must be covered with tape.

  • 3. Two independent sitters thoroughly check the séance room, seance chair and objects.

  • 4. Two independent sitters thoroughly check the medium, pat him down and use a metal detector.

  • 5. Two independent sitters tie the medium to the chair firmly using police cable-ties via permanent loops on both arms and legs of the chair, about a 2-millimetre gap only. This allows for swelling and circulation.

  • 6. All sitters are thoroughly checked, patted down and metal detected before entering the seance room.

  • 7. Independent sitters thoroughly check, pat down and metal detect all home circle members in front of all sitters in the seance room.

  • 8. After all sitters and the medium are checked and enter the seance room, they are not allowed to leave the room again.

  • 9. All sitters then hold hands and touch feet and remain that way until instructed by the spirit team.

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