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Testimonials/Reports by Inge, Sitters and workshop attendees


This is work in progress and hopefully grow as we progress with our work 


I just started building this page and will continue to add the testimonials 

Gary's seances


Added by Inge 2.4.15
In last nights seance with Gary the spirit team showed different spirit people in luminous light and materialized arms and hands in bright blue light. Brought spirit people forward to speak in their own voice to their loved ones in the room, away from the medium via the trumpet. This was very emotional for some sitters. 

As you notice the work in the seance room is towards spirit people connecting to their loved ones and bringing proof without a doubt that we continue after death. This is a form of healing and can be used to bring reassurance,support, knowing the departed is still with us or even closure to unfinished business we might have had with the spirit person while they were here. For humanity to learn we are never alone and we are fully responsible for our words and actions in this life, as we continue on after passing to the next world and will have to make amends then. Can't wait for the next sitting :)) Love Inge


Added by Inge 4.4.15

Had our first seance with Gary Mannion last night. Another great experience as different communicators showed themselves in luminous light, let sitters touch them and practiced their communication, in their own voice, via the trumpet. They showed us how the materialized spirit is connected to the medium, by an ectoplasmic cord and everyone could see the cord in the light. Amazing stuff. 

Tonight is Gordon Garforth's seance in red light - can't wait. Feel so blessed to be able to be part of this amazing awakening of humanity to the fact that the possibilityof our communication with "dead" people is real and achievable. Lots of Love Inge

Gary's seances


Added 15.4.15 by Inge

Tonights seance: new speaker, in very clear voice via trumpet, announces a sitters deceased family with their names, ages, birthdays, description and detailed info.. Sitter then feels spirit person in the room hugging him and clearly identifies him by familiar personality traits. One of the loved ones also spoke thru the trumpet to the sitter. This is what mediumship is all about to me.Thanks Gary Mannion for bringing healing and understanding. Undeniable validation of the fact that our loved are always so close.


Added by Inge 2.5.15

Last seance report ( for 1 month) with Gary Mannion​ in Wallacia. Again the spirit team showed us new phenomena not experienced before. Many new experiments have been first attempted here in Wallacia and we feel very blessed.


The team asked for medium-density red light and showed the medium out of the cabinet, still tied to the chair and ectoplasm flowing from his eye and mouth towards his stomach and then they also showed ectoplasm being extruded from his solar plexus for all to see. Next they displayed how the mediums hands/fingers elongated and when sitters on the other side of the medium stated that they couldn't see that properly, the team turned the hand (very tight cable tied to the chair) around and we could all observe ectoplasm being extruded out of the palm of the hand, filling his whole palm. Amazing. 

Gordon's seances


Added by Inge 7.4.15 by Inge

Update on the amazing experiences with the spirit world. The 2nd seance was with Gordon Garforth and lots of spirit people clearly showed their faces in red light and some beautiful reunions took place between sitters and loved ones. Evidence was provided and great communications with spirit friends included some singing to us. Told my Dad he has 3 more chances to come and show his face to me before Gordon goes back to England end of April .


Added by Inge 13.4.15

The next seance with Gordon a gentleman showed his face over Gordons, but I couldnt make it out clearly and said nothing. After a minute Gaynor ask : "Are you looking for someone friend? " he said yes -Inge. 


When I sat next to Gordon I could feel my Dad's energy and he said " Put on some weight eh!" No doubt it was my dad, because whenever we saw each other (twice a year when I went to Germany) his greeting would be just that saying, as he was aware I didnt like it and he thought it was very funny. He laughed and said some other private words to me. Since then he has been in readings, table sittings etc. and loves the idea that he can still communicate with me.


4 other sitters had reunions with loved ones that night. Lots of tears on both sides of life, as we realise there are ways we can communicate across the veil. Inspiring!


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