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Past-life Regression Individual session

Past-life Regression Individual session

Andrew Studt was trained by Toni Reilly who was a direct student of Dr Brian Weiss, the founder of Past Life Regression therapy. How does it benefit ? A typical session will see the client ‘land’ in a past life where they are able to describe with vivid details who they are, location, relationships, travel to different stages of that particular life as well as get an understanding of what their actual purpose is in that lifetime. Fast Forward to the last day of that lifetime where the client will experience them dying and more often than not, ascending to the light into the afterlife. You will reconnect with loved ones, guides and a life review is carried out to determine how you went, did you achieve what you set to do or are there more lessons to learn. A client can experience multiple lifetimes in a one one one session and can typically go between 90 mins to 3 hours.

  • Location, Date and times

    151 Park road, Wallacia NSW 2745  - Practioner: Andrew Studt

    indivudal requests considered, but not guranteed on  17th of March between 10am to 6pm  - speak to Inge first before you book these spots, thank you

    contact:   Inge 0414 862 861

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