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Donation to José Medrado's Cidade da Luz, Brazil for safety equipment
  • Donation to José Medrado's Cidade da Luz, Brazil for safety equipment

    This is a donation space for José Medrado's Cidade da Luz (City of Light) for disadvanged families , especially the children of Salvador, Bahia. The money is urgently required as the Government imposed a new Fire regulations rule which amounts to R$150000 (45000AUD) and needs to be completed in 2024 or Cidade da Luz will have to close all events. This leaves 3000+ people without support and many are homeless or families living in barracks for shelter.  They rely on the constant support from the City of Light for food, free medical, dental, psycologists and social support.

    Any Donation is appreatiated and donations $50 AUD (you may donate as many $50 units as you wish) and above will go in the draw of a mediumistic painting by the Old Masters (example: Renoir, van Gogh, Manet, Pancetti etc.) via the trance medium José Medrado .

    or you may go directly to the bottom of the linked page below:


    (this is the official City of Light page , and it requires all your personal details including birth date)


    Please contact Inge on for more information about the amazing work of José Medrado for the poor and disadvantaged and how you can attend an online trance painting event and auction on zoom or maybe in your country in the near future. A video of the event in Australia on youtube:


    Or otherwise please visit:


    Thank you for your support of such important work for humanity.




    • Details and process

      Once you made a donation you will receive a receipt from me and when the money is received in City of Light (Cidade da Luz) you receive a recipt from Cidade da Luz as well.    

      Call Inge 0414862861 for any questions in regard to this event. 

      You also can make a donation directly via the link  at the bottom of their website

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