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27th-28th April 2024 Trance Investigation/ Development using EE

27th-28th April 2024 Trance Investigation/ Development using EE

Mediums work is intuitive and subjective in nature. There is no single guide or clear structure of how mediums do what they do. Is it real? Am I thinking or imagining? How can I enter into trance faster? How can I find a way back from deep trance? What is trance state? The Mind Mirror EEG gives you the answers and provides structure or map to master and navigate different trance states through monitoring your brainwaves. It validates your experience through brainwaves feedback, comparing it with over 40 years of Mind Mirror studies of various psychic phenomena. After the training you will understand the frequency and function of different brainwaves categories that make up different states, you will know your individual brainwaves signature and working style, take-away prompts and references that will help you to master and navigate trance states and thus, become a better medium! 

  • Address and times

    151 Park rd, Wallacia, NSW 2745 - 45 min from Sydney and 5 mins from New Western Sydney Airport site.

    Saturday 8.30 am to 5.30pm / Sunday  8.30am to 5.00pm

    Expression of Interest    Inge 0414862861

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