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9th March Introduction to Point of Origin Training (open to all

9th March Introduction to Point of Origin Training (open to all

This workshop offers the opportunity to explore the possibility of  contact with your own hybrid race. ET races and Spirit communicators speak about the understanding that a third of Humanity are hybrid beings, which means that a part of their local consciousness is comprised of extra-terrestrial race consciousness and part human race consciousnes. This workshop will be conducted by Paul and Syan. Paul's years of working with the Zeta Race informed several well-known publications, including ‘The Primer of the Zeta Race’, ‘Extra-terrestrial Cosmology and Technology’ and many other. He is the author of the recently published Zeta Mind, which serves as a handbook to those wishing to work with their point of origin race. The workshop is 4hours.

Sitting/Séance protocols apply. Pls avoid wearing strong scents to the event.More information about Paul and the Zetas is available at

  • Date, time and Location

    Wallacia Development Centre, 151 Park Road, Wallacia NSW 2745

    Saturday 9th of March 2024  10am - 2pm  -   Inge 0414862861

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