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8th March 24 Point of Origin sitting

8th March 24 Point of Origin sitting

This is an opportunity to explore the possibility of your Point of Origin Consciousness as a hybrid being. ET races and Spirit communicators speak about the understanding that a third of Humanity is a hybrid being, which means that a part of their local consciousness is comprised of extra-terestial race consciousness and part human race consciousnes. This sitting will be conducted by the Zeta race to determine and inform you if you are of a hybrid nature. This process has been initiated by the ET race to get a better understanding of the human being, as in the not so distant future Humanity, through its advancment in technology, will become a part of the universal community of races. Paul provided the chanelled information forming several well-known publications, including ‘The Primer of the Zeta Race’, ‘Extra-terrestrial Cosmology and Technology’ and many other. He is the author of the recently published Zeta Mind, which serves as a handbook to those wishing to work with their point of origin race. The sitting will last approximately 1hr and is limited to 6 sitters at a time.

Sitting/Séance protocols apply. Pls avoid wearing strong scents to the event.More information about Paul and the Zetas is available at



  • Date, time and Location

    Wallacia Development Centre, 151 Park Road, Wallacia NSW 2745

    Friday  8th of March 2024  6.30pm start  -   Inge 0414862861

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