Point of Origin sitting and workshop 3rd&4th July

Point of Origin sitting and workshop 3rd&4th July

6 people Max.

$300.00 for both (no discount for non-attendance at workshop)


Sitting – Saturday 3rd – 6:30pm start. Please arrive promptly.

Sitting duration: Approx. 1hr.

Sitting/Séance protocols apply. Pls avoid wearing strong scents to the event.


Workshop – Sunday 4th 

10:30am – 4pm (please bring food for a lunch break at 1pm).

Pls avoid wearing strong scents to the event.


‘Point of Origin/Hybrid Human’ - what does these terms actually mean?

The Zeta’s liken the Human race to a “race of containers”. The ‘container’, or human body, is inhabited by a Spirit energy from the Spirit realm. Approximately 3 generations ago, the Zeta’s began to co-inhabit the human containers with partitioned consciousness from the beings from their race. The Zeta’s have said that one of their primary objectives is to help raise the consciousness of humanity to help form a human collective consciousness, so that Humans can learn to live in harmony with other races within this massive, forever expanding universe. 

Many races now co-inhabit Human containers and the Zetas estimate the Hybrid human population to be approx. 30%. There are many differing reasons as to why an extraterrestrial race may wish to join with humanity in this way, but a common theme seems to be to experience humanity – to be human – to have human experience, so that the originating extraterrestrial race can learn about the Human race.This sitting is specifically for people who feel as though they are from ‘somewhere else’. Maybe you feel as though you ‘don’t belong’, or you have always found it hard to ‘fit in’ or maybe you have been obsessed with the stars and the planets all your life. However you may express it, if you feel as though you are somehow ‘different’ to those around you, you may indeed be. Please note that acceptance to this sitting does not guarantee that you are indeed a Hybrid human.Point of Origin WorkshopFollowing on from your sitting, the workshop is specifically focused on how to connect to your Point of Origin. Paul will talk you through this process thoroughly, and then techniques are practiced under the supervision of the Zeta’s - they will show you what is possible. The Zeta’s will then assist you in attempting to connect you your Point of Origin.If you have discovered you hold a pure Spirit Realm consciousness, you will till benefit enormously from this workshop.When you have signed up to this event, please contact us at zeta_events@hotmail.com for essential information prior to these events. More information about Paul and the Zetas is available at www.the-zeta-mind.com.

  • Date, time and Location

    Wallacia Development Centre, 151 Park Road, Wallacia NSW 2745

    3rd&4th July 2021   

    See description above. Any questions:  Inge 0414862861

    Accomodation is available for $30 per night here in Wallacia