OZ Circle 1 - Apr - May 2017

All sittings recorded unless stated otherwise

Medium still has a certain amount of awareness in each sitting though has much more control at staying down in the somewhat entranced state without having to stop and bring herself down to ‘that level’ again. Is still hearing the words at the same time as they are ‘being spoken’ and at times is aware of what is about to be discussed just prior to ‘communication’. Still has virtually no recollection of what has been said until triggered by sitters. Is sometimes able to ‘see’ what the communicators are speaking of to the sitters, especially if the teams are experimenting

8/4/17:- Medium: Took a while for energy to disperse. On ‘return’ body has mobility but unable to open eyes for short while after. Sitters head ‘was raised upward and back’ and felt a lot of energy around head. Sitter is also unable to move during sitting.

13/4/17:- Two of the sitters for this sitting are mediums. Mediums head ‘was moved’ back as she sat. All sitters were in a state of total calmness. Though medium is ‘brought back’ the energy stays with her as a changeover occurs for the other 2 mediums to sit in their respective cabinets. Oz 1 medium is taken ‘back down’ again to a degree as she sits for the other two mediums, eyes felt swollen and glued shut, no awareness of physical form. Medium 2 felt “totally calm” but couldn’t get mind down deep enough. Body felt numb “like I had no body, like I blended with the energy”. Medium 3 “as soon as sat in the cabinet ‘boom’, was just still” “Just stillness and calm and ‘gone’”. No recollection or awareness “just beautiful – and still got it”. Finding it hard to get out of energy

14/4/17:- As medium is returning, has the perception that both hands and forearms are huge and swollen. Sitter 2 felt stillness and was in that state prior to communicator coming forward. Almost ‘went down’. Felt as though someone was pushing on her face “like distorting it”

19/4/17:- Medium felt ‘someone’ walk through her. Could feel energy very strong, moving in and out

28/4/17:- Medium sits with yet another medium at same time and in separate cabinets. As medium ‘comes back’ somewhat, is taken down again. This happens 3 times. While returning for third and final time, could feel an energy coming in from behind and then another from the front. The second medium states that the energy lessened when the music was turned down. Has no feeling in her arms and legs. Sitters 1 and 2 were taken down into a altered state. Sitter 1 got poked in two places simultaneously, thought that she may have been imagining it so it then became stronger “like electricity” then could feel ‘someone’ pressing on her foot, consciousness up and down. Sitter 2 held herself back from being taken into altered state.

27/4/17:- Medium found hard to go down and the energy did not feel strong within the cabinet. Sitter 2 “a great stillness. Observed “like sunlight” behind and between her and sitter 3. Sitter 3 felt energy strong from the start around head and solar plexus and went into a somewhat altered state.

30/4/17:- in this sitting this medium and another medium sit at same time in separate cabinets. Both mediums could feel the energy link between the two of them. Both mediums experience same thing:- as each ones team takes a turn at stepping forward the other medium is taken down to a certain level and ‘held’ in that space. Both have an awareness, not only during their altered states, but also as to what was happening with the other. Sitter 2 felt a denseness of energy. Sitter 1 felt the energy pull

1/5/17:- The spirit communicator answers a question that a sitter was only thinking about. It appears that the communicator has picked up on the thoughts or thought vibrations of that sitter. A loud bang was heard in the room. Medium returns with “a lump in my throat” “like if you’ve been crying- type lump” and finds it hard to swallow for short time. Sitter 2 had cold shiver surges through body as communicator finishes addressing him and medium experienced same thing

7/5/17:- Mediums body “feels like jelly” on ‘return’. “a different form of deepness”. Mind felt more ‘displaced’ than somewhat aware. Sitter 1 felt drawn to the cabinet, then pushed back – several times

8/5/17:- Mediums energy experience felt different, etheric rocking. Both sitters 1 and 2 felt strong energy received by them. Sitter 1 “felt nearly sick with energy”, was unable to move arms at the 2nd song and could not keep eyes open. Sitter 2 could not open eyes. Could feel being drawn in

10/5/17:- Mediums arms ‘buzzing’ (internal vibration), felt a lot of energy around the head and through body. Felt etheric drawn outward, like ‘stretching’. Sitter relates that every time ‘someone’ tried to speak ‘they’ were playing with the speaker. Was awake and alert at start of sit but became “so drawn in” and as each communicator started to speak, became wide awake again and when ‘they’ stopped, was drawn in again “kept going in cycles”.

11/5/17:- Medium sat in trance class removed from all circles. Etheric was drawn back. Sitter next to medium viewed (and was confirmed by facilitator) that the mediums physical form was a ‘foggy haze’ and only the mediums outline visible.